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Don’t complain about the state, create Uber. Don’t fight about fiscal policy, use bitcoin. Don’t struggle, experiment. Try something new; Surprise yourself.

John Elkins


 We help defacto nations, unrepresented peoples, and secession movements gain self governance through nonviolent means. We move the window of possibility by developing clear paths toward self-determination, by publicizing the many hurtles that groups must cross to gain self-determination, and publicizing the ease with which it could be achieved in countries like Liechtenstein.

It’s often a mistake to superimpose a “good vs. evil” template on geopolitical situations. But in the world today – there are David’s with whom we should stand, as they courageously stare down the Goliath’s in their midst.

There are 12 de facto countries. 109 Unrepresented Peoples, 54 separatist movements in Africa, 153 in Asia, 156 in Europe, 42 in North America, 22 in Oceania, and 11 in South America.


We have partnered with the African Objectivist Movement to rank 54 African de-facto states, unrepresented peoples, and secession movements according to:
1. Their attitude to the free market,
2. Their commitment to non-violence, and
3. Their chances of success.

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We help de-facto nations, unrepresented peoples, secession movements, and indivduals gain self governance through nonviolent means.

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