Secession in Ethiopia

This is probably the world’s most explicit Constitution regarding secession and plurinationality. The Ethiopian Constitution proclaims the “unrestricted” right of “Nations, Nationalities and Peoples” to “self-determination up to secession” (Article 39.1). The African country —which from late 19th century until the end of the Cold War sought to build a highly centralized power— has beenContinue reading “Secession in Ethiopia”

Rule of Law

Rule of law is one of the main reasons to even have a state. Yet it isn’t done well by governments. Research done by Robert Poole in Alameda County, California illustrates this; in one year there were 98,218 felonies reported to the police. Victimization studies conducted by LEAA and the U.S. Census show that actualContinue reading “Rule of Law”

Secession in Canada

After the 1995 self-determination referendum in Quebec, in which independence was rejected by a margin of just 1% of the votes, the Canadian government —at that time led by anti-independence Quebecois Jean Chrétien— asked the Supreme Court to clarify whether Quebec was allowed to unilaterally secede. In response, the Court issued the 2 S.C.R. 217Continue reading “Secession in Canada”


Author of The Royal Green series By the time I was of voting age in Austin, Texas, I was a pro War-on-Terror hawkish Republican with an ‘ends justify the means’ authoritarian nightmare of a worldview. Voting for the first time in the 2010 ‘Tea Party’ wave of Republicans to unironically support ‘small government’ helped exposeContinue reading “JACK CASEY”

Kyle Anzalone

Found Ron Paul in ’09. I was a libertarian within a few months. Liberty Defined was a key book for me. I read my Rand, Rothbard, Sowell, Woods, Schiffs, and Camus over the next few years and was an AnCap by ’13. I guess I’d call myself an ancap. The goal is to get peopleContinue reading “Kyle Anzalone”


Even as a child I despised arbitrary authority so you might say that I have always been a libertarian. Ideologically, I am a voluntaryist, although I am not against using politics as a form of self-defense. The best-case scenario with the least amount of pain and suffering would be societal moves in the direction ofContinue reading “ROXY ELIZABETH”

Institute for Competitive Governance

ICG Mission Statement The Institute for Competitive Governance (ICG) wants to show the world a better way to better government by encouraging the research and development of relatively small but deeply innovative special jurisdictions.  This sort of structural reform can put the power of private competition to work at finding new solutions to oldest problemsContinue reading “Institute for Competitive Governance”


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