Kyle Anzalone

Found Ron Paul in ’09. I was a libertarian within a few months. Liberty Defined was a key book for me. I read my Rand, Rothbard, Sowell, Woods, Schiffs, and Camus over the next few years and was an AnCap by ’13.

I guess I’d call myself an ancap. The goal is to get people to understand the state is violence. Realistically, I’d like to see the empire end. Close as many military bases as possible, end sanctions, end drone strikes, end wars, bring troops home, end foreign aid, withdraw from NATO. 

I would like my country not to rule lives inside or outside of the US. I think the liberty movement must be cultural and political. It helps to have a libertarian presidential candidate.

But the real change will come when we change minds about the state, war, police, etc. That’s why I work at and The Libertarian Institute.

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