Even as a child I despised arbitrary authority so you might say that I have always been a libertarian. Ideologically, I am a voluntaryist, although I am not against using politics as a form of self-defense.

The best-case scenario with the least amount of pain and suffering would be societal moves in the direction of freedom that replaced the need for government services, thereby eliminating them.

I think this could be entirely possible (through agorism, mutual aid, homeschooling, and charitable efforts, for example) but requires a great number of people to get on board.

Our current state of tyranny could serve to drive this or make it virtually impossible. We shall have to wait and see how it all pans out. Ultimately, my vision for the world would be one in which free markets and natural law rule, and society operated in a non-orchestrated, voluntary fashion.

I am involved in trying to make that happen in a number of ways and I coordinate with various groups on issues like homeschooling, community gardening, self-sufficiency, and education regarding libertarian ideas. 

I am currently working on a project called The Zen Libertarian. I appreciate that Self-Determination Advocates helps to advance these kinds of initiatives by providing them with exposure.

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