Jeff Miller

September 17th

Crestview Terrace

Jeff Miller

Candidate for State House

Lives in College Station, Texas

Chair of Brazos County Libertarian Party

Elkins: Jeff, What do you think about the Lawsuit? Some of us don’t know anything.

Jeff: I think it’s a joke that the incumbent Republican would be “injured” by having to compete with me, as their suit alleges.  He starts off with every advantage.

Elkins: When people think of libertarians they think of think tank guys, you are not like that at all! 

Jeff: Yeah, I try to connect with people on a personal level.  I’m not a philosopher or “think tank” guy.  What matters is how policies affect people. 

Elkins: You live here. Could you represent the people?

Jeff: Yeah, I’m the average guy.  Which is why I could make a good representative.  I’ve lived here for 40 years, went to the local schools, worked here, brought my son up here, played tennis here, bought my food here, and drove on the roads here.  Seems pretty representative to me.  

I looked up the “median income” for the district and I make a little bit less than that.  So I’m even pretty representative of how much money people make here.

Elkins: Why didn’t you decide to run for Congress?

Jeff: I wouldn’t rule it out for the future.  But you got to cover a lot more territory in a Congress campaign.  Our State House district is conveniently just Bryan/College Station. We have a “candidate coordinator” with LP Texas, Ted Brown.  

He indicated that we had Libertarians already filing for the Congressional seat, as well as the State Senate.  But no one had told him of their intention to run for state House.  Also, Clyde Garland was trying to recruit local candidates.  

So, I thought about running for a County Commissioner spot, but the precinct I live in is not up until the 2024 cycle.  So, State Rep made the most sense to me.

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