Money, Guns, and War

Three keystones are; Money, Guns and War. 

  1. If we can protect the right to keep and bear arms, 
  2. If we can defeat the dollar monopoly. 
  3. and we can undermine the war machine

Those three issues will really strike at the whole basis of the empire.


Ron Paul told folks, we’ve got to end the Fed and challenge the federal reserve monopoly.

So, many folks became early adopters of cryptocurrency and now professional economists are starting to wonder if this competing currency may actually become a challenge to the dollar’s global reserve status


Constitutional Carry; 10 years ago, there were maybe four states with this “fringe” policy; now 25% of all Americans, in 25 states, find it easier to access the right to keep and bear arms than ever before. (at least in a long time, hehe)


Murray Rothbard said, “War is the health of the state.” Sentiments have turned strongly against forever wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and across the world. President Joe Biden who’s been a warmonger his entire career felt the pressure to the point where we actually got out of Afghanistan.

Now the formerly neoconservative Republican party is turning antiwar. The Libertarian Party is the antiwar party.

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