Chelsea K. Meckel, M.A.

Chelsea K. Meckel, M.A.

County Chair

Libertarian Party of Hays Texas

Director of Media Monitoring

Jo Jorgensen for U.S. President

How did you become a Libertarian?

I became a Libertarian once I started to pursue my undergraduate degree. The more I studied politics and political communication the more I realized that the government holds too much power for comfort, and the Libertarian Party was the only party offering to reign in some of that power.

How did you become chair?

After graduate school, it was time to get active in the party. Kathie Glass was running for the nomination for Texas Governor in 2018, and I applied with her campaign on one of her campaign stops. 

She told me that Hays County was going to need a chair and that conventions were coming up soon. So, I helped to organize the conventions and was unanimously voted in for my first term as chair. 

I ran again for chair in 2020, and here I am on my second term as chair.

What have you tried in the county?

We’ve hosted a few events in the county. However, since COVID has become a thing we’ve had to slow our projects down. In 2016 we hosted a Candidate Mixer in San Marcos, and every candidate that showed up talked about how our event was one of the biggest events they had been to. 

According to Neal Dikeman we had over 50 visitors show up to hear what the Libertarians had to say.

What has worked, what hasn’t?

We have been pretty lucky here in Hays County. For the most part, we have an exceptionally active team, and the people of the county have been pretty receptive. After all, in 2020 we received an extra delegate and extra alternate (and we were the only county party in 2020 to receive an extra delegate/alternate).

 What is your vision for the county?

Elections- Considering we have a pretty “purple” county, I would like for us to be able to find quality candidates to run on the county level.

County Party- I would like to see our county-level party continue to grow in both participation and funds so we can begin to be a force to be reckoned within the county.

What challenges do you face?

I think the biggest challenges we’ve faced have been those associated with COVID-19. Our meeting schedule has been up in the air, as have our social events. This has made planning larger events impossible. 

But, we are working on one now. So here’s hoping we get to launch.

How can we help?

Keep an active party and promote Liberty

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