Kerry McKennon

Hale County

Kerry McKennon


Elected March 14, 2020

How did you become libertarian?

I was looking to run for public office and researched all the parties in 2013. The Libertarian Party fits with my freedom concepts more so than the others.

How did you become a chair?

I applied. I went thru a vetting process of phone calls and was appointed a temporary chair. And then Have been elected for my 4th term this past convention.

What have you tried in the county?

Meetings, events, block walking, posting in social media, working with counties close to us to do events.

What has worked, what hasn’t?

Staying silent on issues. I need to post more. I live in a very red and very rural county. So need to be more vocal about liberty and our candidates.

What is your vision for the county?

To grow it so I cannot be chair. I want to see my county gold in each election. from local to federal.

What is your plan to attain that vision?

More social media posts in the days of the current pandemic. Then block walk more it works. Reach out to minorities more and make inroads into strongholds that the two old parties have. More events and spend more money on behalf of the county party with local businesses, so they know it is the Libertarian Party of Hale County doing business with them.

What challenges do you face?

Funding. Not have the materials to hold events, boost posts, place ads, block walk.

How can we help?

I would love to have a direct donation lead by leaders that help counties with having the basics and not just at election time.

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