Venkatesh Geriti

Venkatesh Geriti 

Founder & President Swatnatrata Center

How did you become a classical liberal?

I grew up in an agricultural family that lives in a small south Indian village. I Have been actively engaged in various civil society organizations that lead me to join a Pro classical liberal political party started by Inspiring public intellectual Dr. JayaPrakash Narayan.

I realized Indian Governments always told peasant families and the rural population they would be helped through Welfare schemes and fiscal support, but most rural and Agricultural families never got a chance to get out of poverty. 

One Leadership Training program at the International Academy of Leadership, Gummersbagh organized by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom provided a strong opportunity to Understand the Moral and philosophical roots of classical liberalism.

India and most other developing countries are illiberal Authoritarian Big Governments.

What is the vision for the “Swatantrata Center?”

I have been a Serial Social entrepreneur who runs organizations that work in areas of political reforms (Loksatta Party), Anti-Corruption activism (Co-founder: Youth for better India), Free-market economic reforms, and entrepreneurship through India’s Future Foundation, engaging Youth in the Political process through the Youth Parliament Program. 

We wanted to build a social enterprise that can promote causes that can build a better world for each and every individual across the world. Swatantrata Center envisions a peaceful and prosperous society where every individual has the choice and opportunity to lead a decent life with dignity.

What is the plan to attain that vision?

Swatantrata strives to advance ideas and policies that cause human flourishing through policy education, digital activism, and grassroots advocacy.

We run various initiative and campaigns to create awareness and popularity for ideas and policies that cause human flourishing.  We provide educational and learning opportunities for young people to understand and gain exposure to ideas and policies to build a Free society.

We also equip them with knowledge and the necessary tools to promote positive change through policy-making and political practices. The Youth Parliament Program initiative has been the biggest success for us. 

We have organized grassroots campaigns for classical liberal causes like economic freedom, street vending, responsible spending/fiscal responsibility, decentralization, etc.

We plan to build strong collaborations with various people, organizations,  educational institutions, and popular personalities to build a grassroots movement for classical liberal ideas.

We will utilize the power of the internet to reach more people. We run digital campaigns that can reach a huge number of people and engage with the power of social media.

Our policy conclaves have been very successful and our flagship Annual conference #Swacon went online due to COVID 19.  #SwaCon is the world’s first of its kind and one of the largest libertarian virtual conferences with the theme of “Reclaiming Liberalism (classical).” 

We were able to bring more than 40 libertarian scholars, experts, entrepreneurs, and academicians who spearhead the cause of liberalism and human flourishing all over the world.

Truly, a stellar line up of International speakers. 

What challenges do you face?

The biggest challenge to promoting liberty is the strong historical and cultural influence of socialist thinking which is very hard to counter in countries like India where we have a huge uneducated population.

Indian political climate is divided nationalist right vs Pseudo liberal left which is both dangerous to a free society. The growing trend of nationalism and Socialism in western countries also have an influence on many young people these days.

We are all trying to build a strong movement that can fight for the ideas of a free society.  

How can we help?

You can help us by sharing and promoting the story of our fight for a free society. We are also open to building a partnership-based project with an international foundation. 

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