Republic of Cabinda

Carlos Vemba Vemba

Republic of Cabinda

Hello, sir how are you? I’m president organization MIC fighter for the independence of Cabinda.

JE: Tell me about Cabinda. Following the declaration of Angolan independence in November 1975, Cabinda was invaded by forces of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), with the support of Cuban troops. The MPLA overthrew the provisional FLEC government and incorporated Cabinda into Angola.

CV: Yes, is right, O people of Cabinda still live a colonization watch for international communities.

JE: How do the people of Cabinda feel about the free market?

CV: It’s normally because we want help for our liberation  and be free like the people other countries

JE: You are oppressed by Angola and would like to be free? Have you tried non-violent means?

CV: Yes of course we want to be free because we fight with Angola, but our organization is pacific and not violent, I was three-time in jail.

JE: So, you still maintain a commitment to non-violence? What challenges do you face?

CV: Our method up to kind of help, we’ll receive, now we want organization self-determination for the independence of Cabinda but we haven’t international help, Cabinda has resources and we look for partners.

JE: You are looking for partners?

CV: We are looking for international financing from some countries that support our struggle for independence and then we will sign compromise agreements that are beneficial to both.

JE: Compromise agreements?

CV: Yes

JE: What is MIC?

CV: MIC it means Movement Independence of Cabinda, is a Cabindan freedom fighter.

JE: Thank you for informing me about your cause… What can I do to help you?

CV: We want help in the area of making an independence petition so to send to the UN, United Nation.

JE: Do you have any representation in the Angola Government or the Provisional Government? The Government of Portugal? Are you a member of UNPO? Options are… try to make Cambida an Autonomous Province… Like Quebec in Ontario.

Or a Special Economic Zone. It might be easier to get declared a free Trade zone. Belize, Buco-Zau, Cabinda, or Cacongo, in which areas are you strongest? Maybe you could start a charter or private city.

CV: First for all, it’s impossible to have any representation in Angola Government because our movement, MIC fights for the independence of Cabinda against the State of Angola, we mean Angola Government that occupies Cabinda since 1975 until now.

JE: These are not your end goals, but are ways to increase your independence and could be used as steps toward that goal. It is very hard to reach your goal, especially through violence. Research… see that working non-violently through the system increases your odds.

Do you have connections within the Cabinda diaspora?

CV: When it comes to UNPO, we were a member, but the Angolan Government has been making a strong effort in diplomacy so as to legitimate its occupation and colonization of Cabinda in the international community that’s why Cabinda nowadays Cabida is out of this institution, UNPO.

We are so grateful for your advice,  but the most strong option or will is independentism so we mean the desire of the people of Cabinda to be the owner of being free and sovereign from Angola. 

We also want, Cabindans, to come true this dream by holding or making Referendum. We would like to let you know that our fight doesn’t base upon economical reasons,  but upon the right of self-determination separate from the government of Angola.

JE: You want a separate national identity from Angola.

CV: We always had a distinct identity from Angola. When the liberation movements of Angola MPLA, UNITA, and FNLA, decided with Portugal Government to hold a meeting in which was negotiated the independence of Angola they decided the following: Angola constitutes a unit and undividable entity in geographical and political actual limits, só Cabinda is the integrant part which can’t be alienated. 

In that time the owners of Cabinda weren’t called or asked about what could be the future of their land.

JE: I am so sorry. Are you in Angola now?

CV: No, I’m Cabinda. I never live in Angola, since I born. I lived 6 years out Cabinda when I was studied in Ukraine.

JE: You studied in Ukraine? Are there many Cabinda ex-pats in the U.S.?

CV: Yes, I studied in Ukraine at National Mining University, Dnipro City. There are many Cabindian students U.S.A

JE: If there are any rich Cabindan’s you might be able to get them to invest in a charter or private city in Cabinda. They could even help you negotiate with the Angolan government. 

CV: All people of Cabinda that live in the U.S. or that study in Ukraine is poor nobody is rich, sorry.

JE: Special Economic Zones can solve more than economic problems.

CV: It’s a good idea but only is be free because the Angolan Government doesn’t do anything in Cabinda.

JE: Do they just want your oil revenue? How many people live in Cabinda? How many want independence?

CV: Yes, the Angolan Government only wants revenue from oil. In Cabinda live 801. 370 people this number to correspond sense made in 2013. All people in Cabinda want independence. The movement independent are people speaker because we want the UN to realize referendum in Cabinda for people to choose your political destiny. 

The people can be the final judges for the future of Cabinda. At that moment we want international help and we read to do a good deal with the country or person will help us.

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