Daniel E. Twedt

Daniel E. Twedt

Studied at John Hopkins University

Studied at National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

DT: I often identify as Geo-Libertarian and an e-democracy advocate (www.democracy.earth).

JE: Being a minister, could you start a permaculture community… and not have to pay property tax? You could charge residents a land tax instead…

DT: True. I’m going to be filing for a Religious Non-Profit here in California this year. Land Trusts can circumvent Jarvis-Gann 1% property tax limits apparently.

JE: Good idea! I don’t know about California. You have to negotiate with some counties…

DT: Community Land Trusts are a recognized thing AFAIK.

JE: What is the netork party you were talking about?

DT: They vote according to the e-Democracy outcomes. Pirate Party does the same thing, also 5 star movement.

JE: E democracy outcomes?

DT: Democracy.earth or decidim.org; just follow the popular will on votes for issues

JE: I will check it out. What do they do if I disagree?

DT: Recall, vote out, breach of contract?

JE: Is that three things? Can I stand aside?

DT: I guess any or all would be options. Withdraw endorsement? No pressure. I just want to have a decent looking list there.

JE: “You guys do what you want… but no thanks.” That is what I mean by stand aside… Quaker thing.

DT: https://decidim.org/?fbclid=IwAR2f0gwIPBgpiy0ErpPAJiXumtj9b3Rd73pL0z91JlmsYB25ResR9qCTe5U

JE: That seems more user friendly. The word “Democracy” pushes buttons for me… I think concensus makes a better paradigm

DT: It can have dangerous downsides

JE: Decidem?

DT: I think it can be reformed in the consensus direction too. decidim.org

JE: Oh, Democracy can be reformed? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consensus_democracy#:~:text=Consensus%20democracy%20is%20the%20application,of%20legislation%20in%20a%20democracy.

DT: If the user base is educated… if not, watch out…

JE: De Tocqueville felt Democracy could be a learning process.

DT: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open-source_governance

JE: This looks good too…

DT: I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive

JE: I am interested in your ideas of the use of religious or non-profits to forward freedom…

DT: I think it may be a really powerful bit of legal judo…

JE: Yes, me too; and you were talking about “land”? Trusts?

DT: Probably “Community Land Trusts” for Intentional Communities with Religious Non Profit Organizational Protections

JE: You familiar with FIC? https://www.ic.org/ They might have the legal expertease. Have you lived in comunnity before

DT: Oh in an IC? Rental houses with friends a couple times.

JE: I think it might be fun. If I ever wanted to disapear I would go to a Catholic Worker community.

DT: Hundreds of those and good folks I understand. if civil war breaks out…

JE: Can I still become a Universal Life Church minister?

DT: Sure, instant ordination by decree.

JE: How?

DT: I’ve actually presided at a funeral with it once.


JE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_church

DT: Beats years at Divinity Schools

JE: My concern with the ULC… is that …. it seems kind of scammy

DT: Yeah I think they were more sincere back in 1980 maybe. Bahai faith people meet in houses too.

JE: I heard the most libertarian religion is hinduism. Are you libertarian?

DT: On the spectrum at least! Some interpret this verse as a slam against building churches: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_7:9

JE: “Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone?”

Does all the libertarian talk in the group bother you?

DT: No. I’ve been lot’s of different flavors of libertarian over the years.

JE: Good, would hate to alienate you.

DT: lol. that’s MY job usually!

JE: Alieanting people? lol

DT: Gives me a joke idea….Q: What did one hungry alien say to the other hungry alien. A: “Do think if we land this thing and get out we’ll end up alieneating any people?”

JE: Alien-eating! Hehe!

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