Andy Evans

Andy Evans

Chair, Straits Area Libertarian Party

From  Cheboygan, Michigan 

JE: Many libertarians up there?

AE: Finding more and more Libertarian minded folks here, rural areas seem to have a few more.  Too much Trump love at the moment though. I lose a few on the topic of immigration.   😉

JE: The Economist magazine says that if people could work where their skills are needed… world GDP would go up 5x. But many libertarians have issues with free migration too.

AE: I think the Ellis Island model worked fine.  The current quota with Mexico is a joke. BTW, I think the concept of a State of Superior needs to revisited.  Folks in the U.P. of Michigan and nearby areas are NOT happy with the dictates from Lansing and Madison …

JE: What can I do to help? Is there a website… or someone to contact?

AE: Well I’ll post your page in the U.P. Libertarians group for starters, and thanks for asking  ❤


AE: That’s the one.  Some challenges here, of course, I heard it would require a 2/3 vote from the Michigan State Legislature, then of course Congress, and they would probably want to balance the Senate seats, etc?  I say let in Superior and Puerto Rico (or DC at the same time) perhaps.

JE: What do you think of the election so far?

AE: Typical shit show lol Sure would love to see Jorgensen in the debates, she would mop up the floor with those two.    😉

JE: Yes, how is that going? The debate is the end of Sept?

AE: Well she has zero chance of making the debates.  You need a 15% average in the polls – and none of the polls list more than two candidates lol – quite the farce and I’ll probably boycott the debates myself.

JE: That is so sad… What do you think of the SDA group by now?

AE: Love the concept you guys have put together.  How many members are there now?

JE: 287 – It is big enough for good discussions… Do you like the concept?

AE: Self-determination is a natural decentralization of government i.e. at the most local level possible.  Of course, I suppose sovereign citizen would be the ultimate expression but I’m not quite there yet lol.

Have you reached out to some of the actual groups who have named their entities i.e. microstates etc. ?

JE: Yes, there was a book back in the 90’s “Sovereign Individual.” Different than the “Sovereign Movement.” I have thought of that… Maybe I should… What other ideas do you have for the group?

AE: Well that’s about all at the moment.  I guess anything that gets people thinking about the MANY layers of government we deal with, experiences of people in new nations, all the things! Also, I HATE zoning in so many ways.

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