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Liz Howse

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LH: What’s self-determination. I know the definition of the words but the wider context?

Oh, that’s kind of interesting but I’m from the UK so I kind of feel maybe I should stfu about anyone else’s self-determination lol. I’d be interested to read your posts as they show me your wall though, I might learn some new stuff.

That’s interesting. I kind of assumed it was a state thing… and having read Celeste’s post and reread the above it seems you extend the definition to individual self-determination on a sort of global basis?

JE: Those are the things that make our group different.

LH: It almost reads like de-identifying from oppressive collective mentality, state or otherwise… that’s quite intriguing.

JE: We help defacto nations, unrepresented peoples, secession movements, and individuals gain self-governance through non-violent means.

LH: It would be a nice world wouldn’t it if we could just travel freely and ignore the old battle lines and bullshit?

JE: There are a lot of exciting experiments going on. If a new country project can’t secede they can go for autonomous territory, Special Economic Zone, Free trade Zone, Charter City, Private city, Co-op, or Intentional/proprietary community.

The other thing we focus on is helping people gain self-governance in their personal life.

Politics is a tool. But, honestly, it is a win/lose process.

LH: Yeah I liked that turn of phrase ” supporting the disillusioned.” That would be me… lol.

Yes! Zen and the Art of motorcycle maintenance.

JE: I love that book. I need to read it again. There are many things an individual can do to live a freer life. You feel disillusioned?

LH: I used to argue with a blac bloc friend… when you tear it all down what are you going to replace it with… not enough people understand the beauty of the system to really change it. IMO.

JE: That is so true… we need people with your wisdom… Societies develop over hundreds or even thousands of years…

LH: In the sense that Celeste’s post was referencing. I’m hitting forty soon… worldwide the corruption and conflict of interest are getting blatant… everything has to be polarised.

No one can seemingly live in fucking peace… it all takes money or tangling with bureaucracy. Lol. If by wisdom you mean people who accept they don’t know wtf anymore…

JE: Too many are in that certainty trap… and willing to fight about it.

LH: Lol.. ain’t that the truth.

JE: Would it be ok for me to post about you?

LH: Sure if it helps other people who might think its not for them but really it is. I don’t suppose it matters where we are if we all want to be free… lol.

JE: Your profile pic or another?

LH: ERM.. its a my profile pic is probably fine. Most people get a kick out of the Tesla in space farce. I suspect the blue marble is imagined geography…

Even more, I suspect our political, geopolitical, and economic spheres are highly likely to be contrived geographies… and also our future too currently…

Which is why, internally, I believe all narratives are ripe for rewriting, reimagining and renegotiating.

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