Nyasha Musikambesa

Mutare, Zimbabwe

As a young person growing up in Zimbabwe I was moved by the sheer growth in disrespect of property rights. This is in reference to the endless urban land disputes due to municipal official’s corruption. 

The tyranny of urban land corruption in Zimbabwe has grown to the extent that families are losing lifetime savings to corrupt municipal authorities who fraudulently allocate and dispose of urban land. 

Up to date urban land transactions mostly carry some shades of criminality by both the city officials and the local land Barrons. The frustrations and prejudice of home seekers motivated me to become a classic liberal. 

I am a liberal who is focused on economic liberalism. The vision of the African Students for Liberty is to prepare young Africans for a freer future.  As a classical liberal whose sights are set on raising awareness on the need to respect property rights, I intend to roll out an online free-market advocacy initiative that will be centered upon creating avenues to dislodge deep-seated intolerance towards property ownership. 

Southern Africa still bears some remnants of the cold war communist governance structures through the revolutionary parties that draw some sentiments from the Chinese centralized system. 

This is problematic in the promotion of property rights and also the need to create a transparent land market in which the government plays a minimum role.

There is a need to assist in the creation of a body of knowledge that reinforces the need to open transparent land markets and also advocacy toolkits to build community awareness.

I joined SFL when I was doing Free-market work with a local think tank, Comaliso in Zimbabwe. Urgent need that is key in my work are Advocacy tools and also assistance in crowdfunding to ensure that a lot of work is done in the ideal time frame.

We need to make payments to online platforms and promoting pages and also training in conducting online sessions and effective usage of online platforms that are popular in Africa.

There is WhatsApp, Linked-In, Facebook (partially free in most countries), and Zoom for meetings.

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