Billy Zigouras

Billy Zigouras

Author of The Elusive Curve

JE: What is your book about?

BZ: My book is novel about a guy who questions the shape of the earth, and in particular whether it is flat and stationary or spinning as the heliocentric model suggests.

JE: Interesting…

BZ: He thinks there is hidden land on earth that is being hidden from society so he plans a modern-day mission to find out one way or another.

JE: I have seen the flat map… and wanted to talk to sailors about following the ice around.

BZ: It is fascinating especially that I was never shown that map as a child at school, nor had I even considered that the earth could be anything other than a spinning ball.

JE: When did you first consider that the earth was flat?

BZ: I have debated flat earth and globe earth for about 6-years now, and moderate some very large groups that discuss the topic; one of them has over 130,000 members.

JE: Sounds like you have an opinion.

BZ: So, first tried to prove that the earth is a spinning ball and combed through everything available to us.

JE: Everything available to us?

BZ: Sorry, I should have said through all the modern research that is available to us, including real photos of earth from space. The moon missions, and attempting to measure the curvature of the earth as per the current earth curvature math.

JE: Just how much is available to us, and how long did it take you to “go through” it? This is all above my understanding.

BZ: Six years of vigorous research.

JE: How can I help you?

BZ: Would you agree that water is level in a glass?

JE: Not any glass I know of…

BZ: Do you know how a water level works?

JE: I have used a water level.

BZ: Awesome.

JE: So, why did you write this book? I was a big fan of Bill Kaysing…

BZ: Fluid statics or hydrostatics states that water is level at rest in stable equilibrium. We have conducted laser tests over 40 miles that proves that water is at level.

JE: Then why is it a bubble in a water level?

BZ: These experiments have been conducted across lakes and oceans and debunk the earth curvature math, which states that the earth curves at 8 inches per mile squared.

JE: I can put pennies in a glass until the water is above the edge of the glass.

BZ: That’s called meniscus as it due to surface tension; you can also create the same effect on a coin.

JE: The curved upper surface of a liquid in a tube. A lens that is convex on one side and concave on the other. “a meniscus lens.” You are right. What can I do to help you market your book? Why did you write it? What is the end game? Is there some conspiracy?

BZ: The end game is to awaken people about the true nature of reality

JE: What is the “true nature of reality?”

BZ: For one, we do not live on a spinning ball that spins at 1000 miles per hour, whilst also orbiting the Sun at 66,600 miles per hour.

JE: Is that the “true nature of reality?”

BZ: There is more.

JE: More?

Where can they buy your book?

BZ: The book is available on Amazon and also via my website

I just ask that people question things including the world where they live. This is probably one of the best videos I’ve seen on the topic.

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