George Tirebiter

GT: A “self” determination group makes as much sense as a “libertarian” party. IMHO

JE: Some of us need to learn self-governance… we were taught to be “other directed” during our first years. Hence the group…

GT: But would people who don’t adhere to self governance join a group about the same?

JE: It is not a black and white thing…. IMHO. There are different levels of self governance.

GT: True, but your group is an echo chamber, no? Not to say echo chambers aren’t OK, many of the groups I’m in are such,but none have an agenda.

JE: It is a place where we can share our experience, strength, and hope.

GT: oh, ok

JE: At least that is my vision for it, we aren’t there yet…

GT: No

Send me another invite please.

JE: Some people believe in self-governance…. yet see the need for a libertarian party. Some people still fall into the “group trap.”

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