Anne Lambert

I became a Libertarian back in 2015. I had met a man who had been taking care of his Grandmother who had Alzheimer’s. As we grew our friendship he would point out things in my belief system that were not Republican as I was raised and had voted. 

I never felt like I belonged to the party. Yet in 2012 I had turned 18 and voted Republican because I never believed in socialism. I didn’t even know other parties existed. So my friend kept informing me I was Libertarian. 

I was confused and blew it off. After a while, he asked me to take the political compass test. I eventually did and when the results suggested I was Libertarian I began to ask questions about the party and investigate it. 

I wasn’t about to just assume an online test was correct. I quickly realized I was Libertarian as we discussed it. I became excited realizing how it was so common sense and could be applied to everything successfully, even my religion. 

Thanks to my friend who is now my fiance I found a passion for freedom and the party that offers it. I don’t know how exactly I would label my Libertarianism.

I’m a Christian Libertarian but I feel that both go so naturally together with each other. I believe the core to Libertarianism isn’t as purist’s see it. I believe it is simply the belief that we are all different in beliefs and desires which makes no difference as long as we don’t hurt one another. 

The way there are Democrats and Republicans who happen to also be libertarian. There are people from a broad spectrum of political beliefs and religious beliefs that are libertarian.

Their beliefs are not in conflict with being libertarian as long as they are allowing other individuals to live freely and not forcing their own beliefs on them. 

If a group of people wants to live similarly and contribute to the idea then they should be allowed to, but that does not mean that anyone should be forced to. 

Honestly, if more people realize that then the Libertarian Party would grow much quicker. Republicans and Democrats constantly vote out of fear that their ideas will be taken away if the other party wins.

The truth is though, we could all just live how we want to live. We don’t have to do anything that we don’t want to and we can contribute to the things we want to contribute to. 

Freedom isn’t a matter of everyone saying no to government; it’s a matter of everyone doing what they want to, freely without any others forcing them. I would like to see a national media geared toward libertarianism. 

Both televised and on the radio. We are locally growing our elective officials but we need a way to stop the duopoly from locking us out. The only way I see this happening is if we have our own media.

Well, for the country I would like to see a truly free market take place. I believe that individuals should have a chance to get goods and services from the free market if they want.

However, I understand that there are individuals that want government and a ruling class. If they want to pay taxes and live under the rules of a separate society I believe they should be allowed to.

However, it should be a choice and only those who voluntarily want to be a part of that system should participate. Everyone else should live the way they see fit as long as they’re not causing harm.

I have written multiple papers on switching social programs, police, the medical system, infrastructure, and more to a free market society without taxes. 

I strongly stand by that. With that said, I understand that some individuals are just simply more comfortable having a system that they pay into and receive goods and services for.

I personally know that it’s not effective and efficient but I would never tell anyone that they could not live that way.  However, I cannot stress enough; they cannot tell anyone that they have to live that way either.

Once the world sees that the United States can thrive off libertarianism and multiple belief systems and religion and politics come together to make this country stronger, they will want to follow our example. 

However, we have to show them how freedom works so that they will voluntarily work towards it themselves. These changes are going to come from the grass-root movements.

It’s going to come from small parties coming together so that they can actually be on the stage and be heard nationally. It’s going to come from people donating and working to make a national media for Libertarians.

It’s going to come from pushing ballot initiatives that promote freedom. Therefore even if our candidate doesn’t win we are still making a change. A huge thing is stopping straight-ticket voting.

Another large part is ensuring that everyone has the right to debate and that the public is educated. I believe that to be on the ballot every nominee should be debating nationally.

If you have enough ballot access to win the presidency then you automatically should be allowed to debate. If you refuse to debate because you do not want to have an educated population you should not be on the ballot as you do not have the country’s best interest in mind. 

Americans should be educated. Our system should make it easy for people to be educated. The duopoly has clearly taken over the debates when they stole it from the League of Women Voters. 

The ability of them to keep third parties from debating is what made the league leave the debate mission. They warned of the radical two-party system if third parties were not allowed to debate.

With that said you can actually see that before the duopoly took over the debate commission that it was common for Independence and third-party nominees to get 20% plus during an election. 

The only reason we don’t get that now is because of the media blackout and we lost our rights to debate. So by ensuring that everyone who can win the election by ballot access will be able to debate and must debate or be stripped from the state’s ballot we will ensure Fair elections. 

We can pass such a law state by state to ensure this. Another initiative I think needs to be done is individuals need access to their ballots after they vote.

An official copy should be given to the voter so that if any party believes there is an issue they can freely do their own count and prove fraud or if there needs to be a recount. 

If there is something wrong with the count then the official valid copies will prove it. Self-determination Advocates, you can help in a few ways. The first and probably the most obvious is educating voters. 

Secondly is fundraising to work on producing our own media sources across the Nation. Thirdly helping people set forth ballot initiatives that promote freedom, Fair debates, and fair elections.

Each state has a different complex set of rules to get an issue on the ballot. So even when individuals want to, it can be complicated and discouraging.

However, if we were able to help individuals state by state get these initiatives set up we can make a lot of change even if we don’t get libertarian nominees elected.

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