Wendy Mitchell

Just another insignificant spec of space dust

Lives in Auckland, New Zealand

Lol… not exactly sure what defines a liberal… we have left or right here in New Zealand, if the left is considered a liberal then yes I am a liberal, my reason for being left is quite simple but yet is a personal reason mostly due to a massive stroke I had 10 years ago. 

After working for decades & paying taxes, the ruling right govt at that time had stopped funding such useless brain-injured folk & I was expected to buy my own walking aids, wheelchairs n things.

When I was in rehab learning to walk n talk again, I was mortified at the govt for their lack of concern & learned quickly that wealth over health was the right’s aim….the right was so arrogant.

Their leader even stated ” We don’t need to entice any elderly voters, coz they are a dying breed anyway”…they then proceeded to give themselves pay rises & new limos while they tossed many folks outta their state homes. 

Homelessness skyrocketed…the left here is more for looking after the people…. we in NZ have always been peaceful & anti-war, anti-nuclear, etc but when the right was in charge, the right leader was considered rich & knowledgeable. 

But as we all found out, he didn’t get rich by looking after people & they were out at the next election… now with Jacinda Adern, it kind of feels like we have a “mom” in charge & she looked after us all so well.

We all received thousands to get us through the lockdown back in march & now we are all living virtually covid free & the economy is getting back up there again… ✌️🙂

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