Chase Tkach

I’m not sure what kind of libertarian I am yet, but I’m definitely not an anarcho-capitalist and I’m definitely not a libertarian socialist. I just follow the basic libertarian platform.

I founded and I am currently the Chairperson of the Orleans county libertarian party in New York.

Previously a state committee member for the LANY. I am fighting for sex workers’ rights internationally, but I’m starting my advocacy here in America.

I do what I can for sex workers facing homelessness, domestic violence, legal issues, negative stigma, and family court discrimination. Self-determination Advocates should speak up for sex workers’ rights.

Sex workers want full decriminalization. We do not want legalization and we do not want the Nordic model. I appreciate you reaching out!

Stage name: Molly Smash

Instagram: @tkachchase

Twitter: @chasetkach


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