Jay Ramon

#FreetheweedForPOPS #LoveFreedomInnovation #Istandwithalexis #420opencarry #Legalizeit #COCW

1) I don’t really know when I became a libertarian I’ve always stood up for what I felt right and often got into trouble for it.

2 ) I guess I’m a Lil audacious a bit on the wild side of a libertarian.

3) Peace, love, and rock and roll man; everyone just to be happy.

4) I’d like to see everyone happy is what I would want. But what I do see is it getting a lot worse before it gets better.

5) Really I think that we have to get rid of all parties to make that happen and just start over completely. Start over just to make things get back to the way it should be.

Stop voting for red and blue and yellow; we’re just people, we’re not colors, we’re people. We have to be the change and it starts with freeing the weed.

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