James Toller

What is your vision of a perfect society?

A society that works only for the people.

For the people?

The society that we are living in today only works in favor of the government. The people must control the government as should society.

How can we change that? What would a society where the people control the government look like to you?

The government putting a “people first” initiative in place would be a good start.

So you advocate a “people first” initiative?

I advocate working only for the people and not the government.

And your vision of the world… where that can happen?

This is my vision for the state. If we want to fix the problems of the country we must work on fixing the states first. I will solely vote with what the constitution states. If it has nothing to do with the constitutional right then the people will tell me how to vote.

So, you follow the constitution, then the people?

Yes. And if there was an amendment to the constitution to come up then I would refer to my constituents. I am going to be transparent about everything that goes through the house. I already have a website put together on my first day so that all Kentuckians can and will know what is going on.

Have you heard about representative bots? you are asked like a hundred questions… then the bot votes for you… so you don’t have to read everything?

I have but I want to be the voice of the people, not a bot.

I understand… so how do you see us getting to where the government puts people first?

By putting in representatives that don’t care to fight against the government. I have fought and protested against the government. I have with the coal miners in eastern Kentucky also with the truck drivers in Washington DC.

So, you think if we get enough anti-government representatives… it could happen?

I do believe that. And I am not completely anti-government. We just need a government that is a lot smaller.

Yes, I agree… let’s work toward less government… and see how far we get

I’m game for that.

New Zealand, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland seem to be about the best we have now…

Yes, Switzerland armed and neutral.

In Liechtenstein, any group can secede, they don’t have a currency or an army…

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