Jin Soo-Kim

Jin Soo-Kim keeps SDA informed on the situation in South Korea. It is a pseudonym to keep their identity secret.  I was in the Navy. I was looking at “The Tao De Ching.” It had Chinese on one page and English on the opposite page. 

A person started telling me how Korea was traditionally a vassal state of China. At the center of the system stood China, ruled by a dynasty that had gained the Mandate of Heaven.

This “Celestial Dynasty,” distinguished by its Confucian codes of morality and propriety, regarded itself as the most prominent civilization in the world; the Emperor of China was considered the only legitimate emperor of the entire world (all lands under heaven).

Under this scheme of international relations, only China could use the title of emperor whereas other states were ruled by kings. Chinese emperors were considered the Son of Heaven. 

Sojunghwa (Korean: 소중화; Hanja: 小中華) is a 17th-century Korean concept that means “Little China” referring to the Joseon dynasty. After the Manchu-ruled Qing dynasty conquered the Han-ruled Ming dynasty, Koreans thought that barbarians ruined the center of civilization of the world and so Confucianist Joseon Korea had become the new center of the world, replacing Ming China hence the name “Little China.”

This was the beginning of Korean nationalism. 

Would you be willing to keep us informed on the situation in South Korea?

South Korea is currently dominated by totalitarian forces. SK’s left is mixed between Communism and Nazism; National (Nationalism) Liberation, Pro-North Korea, and Pro-China. Koreans are basically totalitarian leaning.

I just write my book. Small-Sinocentric Fascism.

What is your book about?

Maybe politics or warning on Sinocentrism (Chinese Racial Supremacy, or Asian Nazism.) Small-Sinocentrism is (Korea)

I am really ignorant… Korean’s are Han Chinese?

SK is 韓 (Korean)

SK is 韓 (Han) China is 漢(Han)

Same pronunciation; Different ethnicity

Do you think people should be warned about Korean nationalism?

Korean nationalists are leftists in Korea

Do they advocate eugenics, pure Korean ethnicity?

Yes, Core is yes. They oppose interracial marriage. Korean nationalists are pro-Chinese. Chinese nationalist’s you know they are killing Uyghur people.

Yes, genocide.

Ethnic Genocide. I am tired of the hypocrisy of the leftists. They don’t say anything. Silence. This is a complex equation. That’s why I write my book. Sinocentrism is Han racial supremacy.

They were invaded by Japan (World War II) so they have victimhood nationalism. Victimhood Nationalism book will be released in April 2021 in Korean and in December 2021 is the English version.

How big a part do these nationalists play in the South Korean government?

This regime is 80%. Pro-North Korea National Liberation leftists vs Pro-China National Liberation leftist’s

So, when when we hear them talk about “identity politics” Is it code for racism?

Yes, not openly

So the South Korean government is 80% these nationalists?

This regime. But I think SK’s left and right are both nationalists. Left is the worse. SK’s left and right are just only pro-North Korea (left) vs anti-North Korea (right). You know North Korea has racism and eugenics.

Wow! this is enlightening… I can’t wait for your book. will you keep us informed about the situation in Korea, and your book?

Yes, I will.

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