I became a Libertarian when we moved to Denver at age 13. This is the birthplace of the Party. I’m a strong fiscal conservative, and socially liberal (what happens between consenting adults is none of my business), I am not the aggressor, but I will defend myself from the aggression type of Libertarian. 

I believe in capitalism and I believe that if you choose to not participate in it, you should not be penalized. I would like to see more politicians voted out and not replaced. I would like to see the IRS disbanded and done away with. 

I would like to see our military protect our borders. I would like to see more very local control and “leaders” held to a strict term limit, I would like to see no one above the age of 70 in public office, they are out of touch with the rest of the country.

I would like to see it much easier to start and run a small business, and the removal of most regulations and “fees” associated with starting up a small business. I most of all would like to see EVERYTHING privatized.

I struggle to see these changes ever occurring as the OWNERS of this country will never let it happen. This is why we must strive for sea steading. Self-Determination advocates can help by being involved in local government and getting involved with the actual Libertarian party to advance the agenda of taking over and leaving everyone alone.

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