Jedi Hill (Alchemist Jedi)

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JH: Nice to meet you, John. I am a big fan of people taking personal responsibility. What legacy do you intend to create?

JE: The blueprint for self-governance in the Information Economy.

JH: Blueprint for self-governance that might go along nicely with my New Atlantis Project.

JE: What is the New Atlantis Project?

JH: My vision is a world where everyone can thrive instead of fighting to survive. I plan on leading the world by creating an independent island country using the world’s plastic trash as its base.

As far as what I’d like to see happen in America is to win the Libertarian presidential nomination in 2024 along with the presidency so we can work on restoring freedom to the country.

JE: So, you are going to a gyre to collect the plastic and use solar to melt it?

JH: No, I’ll be shipping plastic waste to factories in order to recycle into giant lego-like blocks that will link together for the base of the island. Yes, I ran in 2020 for the libertarian presidential nomination and I plan to again in 2024.

JE: Why not just use fishing nets?

JH: People have tried that it’s not very efficient for the plastic collection. It’s faster to use the plastic trash gathered on land at the moment. What is your involvement with the libertarian party?

JE: Not much, in agorist mode now… how did you become a libertarian… may I ask?

JH: I never fit with the ideas of the duopoly and when Ron Paul ran for president he was the only one talking sense.

JE: When he ran as a republican? or libertarian?

JH: The 2008 run. I remember seeing him in 1988 but I was only 6 at the time so didn’t really understand it all back then. 

JE: I have heard that before…What is it about Ron Paul that reached you?

JH: Someone who also has a mind towards holistic health. eliminating the federal reserve and fiat currency. He was also the only peace candidate. Go back to the constitution and limit the power of government.

There were others but those we the big ones that caught my attention.

JE: Yes, I understand… May I ask your age? I am 65.

JH: 39

JE: Do you own a boat?

JH: No did some sailing when I was younger; hunting for a nice sailboat now.

JE: What do you think of the “Sailing the Farm” book and intentional community?

JH: That looks like an interesting book first I heard of it. I’m looking for an 80-100′ boat as 30′ is way too small for me.

JE: Here borrow my copy…

JH: Thank you for the book.

JE: What do think of the French Polynesia seasteading project?

JH: It was a nice try. I know they are now attempting to do something similar in Panama. Honestly, they need to be outside of the EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) along one of the main shipping lanes if they want to make any real progress.

JE: If I were younger I would be a sea gypsy… start out with the Great Loop… then do the Caribbean… Would New Atlantis be stationary?

JH: No, it will be floating; the plan is to make it navigable like a ship.

JE: If I ever ran for president… I would do the great loop. stopping every day or so for a campaign stop… the boat would show the technology… like a moving museum. How can I help you?

JH: Think of who you know that might have engineering skills or has resources to help move things forwards.

JE: I could introduce you to Daniel E. Twedt. He has this vision for Permatrails… Many agorist have a single fixed location… These Permatrails would be a series of farms about a day’s journey apart.

What did you learn from your Presidential Campaign?

JH: That the libertarian party is just as corrupt as the duopoly and it takes money to win.

JE: I bet you have a story to tell! The Libertarian Party is just as corrupt as the duplicity?

JH: As a candidate, we got a list of delegate names and addresses. Once the convention was switched to digital some candidates were given a different list that included phone numbers and email addresses of delegates creating an extremely biased playing field.

JE: Some got more or better information than others?

JH: Yes, some got more and better information

JE: How much does it cost to win?

JH: You could buy the libertarian presidential nomination easily for between $50-100k

JE: I thought the Koch brothers bought the whole thing for $500,000 in 1980; that would be deflation! I am so sorry… You thought they would be fair?

JH: I’m not, I learned more about how things work and what I have to overcome in order to win in 2024

JE: What do you have to overcome to win in 2024?

JH: Get more news publicity, pay for delegates trips to the convention,

JE: What does it cost to pay for a delegate trip?

JH: Say $1,000 per delegate to cover their ticket and hotel, as Gary Johnson did in 2016.

JE: How will you get more publicity?

JH: Well for publicity I’m working on my 2nd book and building a real estate business to bring more jobs to my area as well as affordable housing.

JE: What do you think of the private, and charter cities movements?

JH: I like the private and charter cities; it’s a step in the right direction. They have the potential for lower taxes and more autonomy as opposed to big government oversight; more local focus.

JE: Yes, what do you think of the SEZ law in Nevada? In Nevada desert, a technology firm aims to be a government

JH: Yea I saw that; it depends on which entity runs it; some of those tech companies are straight up dictators

JE: Yes, the most oppressive force in some friends’ life is the Tech firm they work for! That was what was so neat about Florida… a developer like Disney… could just buy up some swamp land… and make whatever he wanted.

Now you have to get government permission to cut down a tree… I hear.

JH: Disney is an interesting case; that’s one of the most micromanaged places on the planet

JE: Yes, that is what I hear… just so they don’t stop me from leaving hehe. I was hoping Smart Cities would be used to provide more freedom…. now I am not sure… What do you think?

JH: I think it’s testing for social currency like china to see how much people are willing to be controlled.

JE: Want to plug your book?

JH: You’re more than welcome to check it out yourself you can download a copy for free at

JE: Does it tell me how to turn lead into gold?

JH: No, but it shows how to transform the way you think and reprogram the subconscious mind.

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