Black Market 2/17/21

Romney to introduce bill increasing minimum wage tied to verifying worker immigration status

SALT LAKE CITY — Senators Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton of Arkansas announced they will introduce a bill to raise the national minimum wage and require employers to verify the immigration status of its workers. link

Will sports gambling be legalized in Ohio?

Ohio lawmakers are taking a fresh start to approaching the issue of legalized sports gambling in the Buckeye State. There are not yet any specific proposals on the table in 2021.

Instead, seven state senators make up the Select Committee on Gaming, which has begun meeting weekly to hear general testimony on the subjects of legalized sports betting and electronic bingo. link

Minnesota lawmakers introduce board to regulate drug prices

MINNEAPOLIS — Minnesota Democratic lawmakers want to create an independent board to regulate excessive prescription drug prices following a bipartisan effort last year to make insulin more affordable. link

New Mexico Cannabis legalization bill without production cap advances

Lawmakers on a state House committee Monday advanced a cannabis legalization bill that would put no cap on commercial production and would send some of the tax revenue generated by the measure to communities hit hardest by drug addiction and drug-related crimes. link

Venezuela breaks up LPG black market scheme

New arrests in the senior ranks of Venezuela’s state-owned PdV shed light on a growing black market for scarce LPG supplies. link

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