Secession 2/18/21


 It’s likely that were the US to be broken up into smaller pieces, it would be weakened in its ability to act as a global hegemon, invading foreign nations at will, imposing “regime change,” and threatening war with any regime that opposes the whims of the American regime. link

David French Talks “Divided We Fall”

On February 15th, Thomas Koenig was joined by David French to discuss his latest book, Divided We Fall: America’s Secession Threat and How to Restore Our Nation, which was released in September. link

Why is Pablo Hasel, the Spanish rapper who insulted the monarchy, so controversial?

Spanish police say rapper Pablo Hasél was arrested by Catalan police at Lleida University in north-eastern Spain after a 24-hour standoff, where the rapper had barricaded himself in a building. He was taken to prison to serve a nine-month sentence after being convicted of offending the monarchy and endorsing terrorism in tweets and a song. link

‘Banned SFJ was conspiring to disturb atmosphere on R-Day’

New Delhi [India], February 16 (ANI): Delhi Police has said in its First Information Report (FIR) related to ‘Toolkit’ case that the document was created with the aid of a banned organization, Sikhs for Justice, to “disrupt the Republic Day ceremony and precipitate unlawful acts in the name of ongoing farmer protest.” link

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