Autonomous Territory 2/17/21

Western Sahara: the Moroccan monarchy and Polisario, a frozen conflict

Since 46 years, while the United Nations sought a settlement of the conflict in Western Sahara after Spain’s withdrawal from the territory, both claimed by the Moroccan monarchy on its historic right to control the southern provinces, and by the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), founded by the Polisario in February 1976, on the basis of international law and the principle of the right of peoples to self-determination, which is the basis of the policy of the Organization of the African Union, also intervened in 1979 to find a peaceful solution to the conflict.

According to the United Nations, the Sahara is a non-autonomous territory and has not yet regained its legal status which has remained in abeyance since the 1991 ceasefire, opponents remain frozen in their positions, separated by a “wall protection “, largely controlled at 80% by Morocco on the Atlantic coast and the rest by the Polisario with a buffer zone under the surveillance of Minurso, the UN peacekeeping operation, supposed to organize a referendum of self-determination since 1992, mission never achieved. link

Moroccan HRC Statement a maneuver to cover up its occupation crimes in Western Sahara (CONASADH)

– The Saharawi National Commission for Human Rights (CONASADH) affirmed that the statement published by the so-called Moroccan Council for Human Rights about its meeting with the human rights activist Sultana Khaya, “It is nothing more than a maneuver to cover up the savage crimes suffered by the activist and her family at the hands of the Moroccan security forces.” link