KW lives in Uganda.
He asks to remain anonymous because of government oppression.
Ugandan, 24 years old
JE: Uganda, Freedom 6.77 #85, Economic #95, Col 29.00.
New Country Project; Buganda, Ethnic group: Ganda Proposed state: Kingdom of Buganda
De facto autonomous area: Kingdom of Buganda
Youth movement: Buganda Youth Movement
Rwenzururu, Ethnic group: Konjo people Proposed state: Yiira Republic
You libertarian?
KW: Yes, just like Jesus
JE: How is life in Uganda?
KW: Life is horrible in Uganda. Though we still love our motherland.
JE: Are you Ganda or Konjo?
KW: I’m Ganda
JE: Is the Kingdom of Buganda a De facto autonomous area?
KW: No
JE: What are the odds of you guys getting a deal like Quebec in Canada, where you run your own affairs?
KW: We are a British colony.
JE: Part of the Commonwealth? So is Canada.
KW: Yes
JE: How does the Queen feel about a free Buganda?
KW: I’m not sure
JE: That is a better deal than being a French colony.
KW: We are under military governess.
JE: Some of the freest enclaves in the world are part of the commonwealth!
KW: In my house under a curfew now. Where are you? USA YOU HIRE THE GOVERNMENT Here the government rules and owns guns.
JE: Texas, USA. Yes, I know it is a tough situation there.
KW: Plus a few privileged Individuals.
JE: I am so sorry. Have you thought about leaving?
KW: Thank you. Yes, I have always wished to flee.
JE: That is a Diversity visa lottery program form from November 1st, 2015
Here is a list of countries freest – less free: Cape Verde 7.33, Ghana 7.24, South Africa 7.17, Botswana 7.15, Suriname 7.07, Rwanda 6.79, Kenya 6.82, Uganda 6.77, Tanzania 6.52, DRC 5.31, Burundi 5.17. Hope that helps.
KW: What is this? Please detail for me. I’m Ugandan, I have visited Kenya.
JE: Human Freedom Index ranks countries by freedom.
KW: Alright, thank you for sharing.
JE: Easiest Countries to Live and Work Illegally
11. Italy Number of immigrants: 5,790,000 $38,000 35
10. Spain Number of immigrants: 5,850,000 $38,200 30
9. Australia Number of immigrants: 6,760,000 $49,900 5
8. France Number of immigrants: 7,780,000 $43,600 33
7. Canada Number of immigrants: 7,840,000 $48,100 11
6. The United Arab Emirates Number of immigrants: 8,100,000 $68,200 116
5. United Kingdom Number of immigrants: 8,540,000 $43,600 9
4. Saudi Arabia Number of immigrants: 10,190,000 $55,300 149
3. Russia Number of immigrants: 11,640,000 $27,900 126
2. Germany Number of immigrants: 12,010,000 $50,200 16
1. USA Number of immigrants: 46,630,000 $59,500 17

10 Countries It’s Super Easy to Emigrate To: Svalbard (Norway) 7, Canada 11, Austria 12, Belgium 22, Panama 48, Mexico 63, Paraguay 72, Nicaragua 87, Ecuador 89, Belize 112.

What do you think of that Human freedom Index?
KW: mmm, Here, People are supposed to come and go as they please. I checked it out, it is worth measuring carefully.
JE: Yes, Wikipedia lists about 13 freedom indices. “Human Freedom Index” and “Freedom in the 50 States,” are my favorites. But the data is usually generated by governments… governments sometimes just lie.
KW: How many states are in the USA?
JE: 50
KW: And is there any way how Libertarian and Liberals are related? Some liberal five years back deceived me they are 52 or so?
JE: 50 states, then Territories too: Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and the Northern Marianas Islands. There is also the District of Colombia and minor outlying islands: Baker Island, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Midway Atoll, Navassa Island, Palmyra Atoll, and Wake Island.
KW: Okay
JE: Did I ask if you were a Libertarian or Classical Liberal?
KW: You did. I am Libertarian.
JE: Are there local meetings you can attend?
KW: No, I’m in Uganda. Things are so different here.
JE: What is the closest thing to a libertarian party there?
KW: I wonder my self if I can any fellow here.
JE: How did you become a libertarian?
KW: I heard a statement 6 years back someone told me that they shall be Liberated by the renewing of their minds, it sounded in my head all this long and I was wondering what it meant since I never had a chance to a good education.
JE: That was Romans 12:1-2
KW: Luckily after 5 years, I became friends with a Libertarian friend. We have been sharing good words heartfelt. I asked him about his political party and he said he was a Libertarian.
I decided to become one too… I love him and his family for really he is a good man. That’s how I became one; Loving to learn more. Tax is a big mess here. Imagine we pay for Internet data and tax as well per day.
It’s called OTT tax.
JE: So, you have a good friend that told you about libertarianism and you trusted him just because he was a good man and a good friend?
KW: Yes, I have a friend… Not really he just told me that he is a Libertarian and I wished to be one my self.
JE: Just because of his nature?
KW: I have been though thinking to find out more about the party.
JE: What do you know about libertarianism?
KW: You know this road is hard. Youth men like me need mentors.
JE: What questions do you have? How old are you?
KW: 24 years old.
JE: Basically libertarianism is; don’t hurt people, and don’t take their stuff. So, you feel like you need a mentor?
KW: YES PLEASE SIR, Not only feeling, I do wish for / Need for/ Praying for /seeking for a mentor.
JE: What would you expect of a mentor?
KW: Knowledge
JE: What would you give in return?
KW: Trust, fruits, and legacy.
JE: Legacy?
KW: Yes, I will pass on the knowledge to the next generation. I really have nothing much to offer in return but toil and sweat.
JE: My wisdom and emotional support I share freely, please don’t ask me to send money. My father died when I was 12, I really missed having him as I grew up. I would ask you to do me a favor.
It is free to start a Facebook group. Start a Facebook group for libertarians in Uganda. You already have one mentor, the gentleman who told you about libertarianism. Here is another Facebook friend for you; (
I know it is tough, but, you are a man now. You have to mentor yourself, but remember to be kind to the child inside you.

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