Keller Williams

Keller Williams

Vice-Chair at Lee County Libertarian Party of Alabama

Lives in Auburn, Alabama

JE: Many libertarians there in Alabama? Best land-use freedom in the USA?

KW: Not a lot of libertarians in Alabama mostly in big cities or college towns.

JE: Auburn is a college town, go to meetings there?

KW: We have set up an LP affiliate.

JE: At the college, or county?

KW: County,  YAL is the college’s closest org to a Libertarian org.

JE: How do the county affiliate and the YAL work together?

KW: YAL is more of a student org that helps campaign for liberty-minded candidates, though mainly its Repubs with libertarian values, but I use YAL to foster a pathway for new recruits into the Libertarian party

JE: Many people in the county party, that used to be in YAL?

KW: Yes, our secretary and myself are still apart of YAL.

JE: That other student organization helps mentor kids for success and has the older mentoring the students. Does YAL do something like that?

KW: In some ways sorta.

JE: How many come to your county meetings?

KW: Because of COVID we’re closed to just the executive committee but usually we get  maybe 5-10

JE: Yes, we usually get about 10 or so. How did you become libertarian?

KW: I started learning about the Fed.

JE: What prompted you to do that? How did you learn about the FED?

KW: My liberal econ teacher praised it and I started to learn more from the mises institute

JE: How did you hear about the Mises Institute, and what is your impression of them?

KW: I saw some mises memes and look up the person which led me to their website. I agree with a lot of what they say, and the people I know that affiliate with them are good people.

JE: Yes, so true. So, what other sites, books, and people do you like? How have you grown since first finding out about the FED?

KW: I’ve been reading Rothbard’s case against the fed, I’m about halfway through. I have become more ancap since I’ve come across the Mises Institute.

JE: So misses institute turned you more ancap? What can be done about the Fed?

KW: The process of nullification.

JE: How can Jury Nullification help?

KW: Not necessarily jury nullification but states and private parties using sound money policy to make the federal reserve obsolete

JE: Oh yes, What do you think of alternative currencies?

KW: I like BTC, McAfee is developing their own, I’d like to check out.

JE: Back in the ‘90s there was this book:

“New Money for Healthy Communities,” by … – 

The pinnacle of power in today’s world is the power to issue money. If that power can be democratized and focused in a direction that gives social and ecological concerns a top priority, then there may yet be hope for saving the world. 

What if parties, NGO’s, communities, could all issue their own currencies? Now an ICO costs millions… but if a free market… the cost would come down!

KW: I think there was a town in Michigan I think that issued their own “wooden dollars” during the downturn.

JE: It is something to think about and cryptocurrencies open up more alternatives.

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