Logan Wilder Fuller

Logan Wilder Fuller

Lives in Los Angeles

JE: Welcome to the SelfDetermination Advocates group. What do you think so far?

LF: Joined, but I’m not moving to New Hampshire.

JE: I understand… our focus is larger than the Free State Project…

LF: Ok. What’s the focus exactly?

JE: We help defacto nations, unrepresented peoples, secession movements, and Individuals gain self-governance through non-violent means… appreciate your involvement.

LF: I can get behind that!

JE: Do you consider yourself a libertarian or classical liberal?

LF: What is the difference? I’m a Libertarian that toes the line of anarchism.

JE: Yes, me too, more of an agorist/voluntaryist, but I have my hypocrisies.

LF: Don’t we all.

JE: You in LA?

LF: Yes

JE: I moved from Long Beach to Texas last year.

LF: Texas is too damn hot.

JE: I have air conditioning.

LF: Weather-wise, I don’t ever want to be uncomfortable. I’m from Georgia. I know about heat and air conditioning. Still not for me. I know California has a ton of problems, but I love it here.

JE: Actually El Paso, and Galveston may qualify. So how did you become libertarian/anarchist?

LF: I have been a Libertarian for 17 years. I discovered the party when I was 19 and it just made so much sense to me.

JE: How did you hear about it?

LF: Friends told me about it and I looked into it. It hit all the marks that neither D nor R could for me.

JE: What did the friends say?

LF: I don’t remember exactly. They just explained that there was another political party I had not heard of before and it was about freedom, less government involvement, self-reliance.

JE: So, do you go to meetings there?

LF: No. I should. I did lead a small convoy for “Let Her Speak.” I have contacted the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles to get involved. I should probably check my email soon. A friend out here got asked to volunteer with Spike’s campaign.

JE: What do you think of the ticket?

LF: I really wanted Hornberger to receive the nomination, however, the more I learn about Jo, the more I love her. I don’t know enough about Spike to make an assessment of him yet. How about you?

JE: I liked Kokesh… But Jo and Spike are doing a great job campaigning. What is your vision of a perfect society?

LF: First of all, I don’t believe a perfect society could exist, but a more perfect society would be one where we have the freedom to do what we want without infringing on the rights of others. Local problems solved at a local level, and of course getting to keep all of our money.

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