Melanie Black

Melanie Black

U.S. House District 6

How did you become libertarian? 

I read Harry Browne’s book “Why Government Doesn’t Work” years ago. It was so informative, sensible,  and practical that I couldn’t believe everyone didn’t want to be a Libertarian. At that time, there were few, if any Libertarian people in my area, and of course this was before the proliferation of social media.

I was a life long Republican, so stayed with that until a few years ago.  Getting acquainted with Ron Paul helped tip me more to the Libertarian side of politics. When my husband and I saw that we couldn’t sway the Republican party towards being more for small government, we decided to commit to being Libertarian. 

I was appointed the County chair of Navarro county. With my husband as co-chair, we have stayed active trying to spread the word.

Why run for office?  

Because Neal Dikeman asked me to. LOL

Truly never thought about it till then. But I want to make sure that Libertarians have a presence and that people know we’re here and fighting for their liberty, even if they aren’t ready to vote for us.  

Someone will hear the message and take it home with them.  They may not want to vote for a Libertarian President yet but may decide to support a down-ballot candidate. Every step toward smaller government and more freedom is an important one.

What are the issues in the campaign?

My issues of concern are Social Security, Health Care, and the Federal Income Tax. What the government gives, it can take away. Medicare and Social Security seem to be under threat much of the time. 

Privatizing Social security and/or making it a voluntary program would be a start.  Medicare is such a complex issue and the main thing available to older people who pay in for years; so it’s not a program that will easily be changed. 

Whenever possible, free-market solutions and getting government out of healthcare as much as possible is the goal.  Encouraging businesses to offer monetary incentives and packages to employees who can use it to buy their own insurance would be one option. 

This would save employers money as well as giving employees more choice in the coverage they buy.   A person who loses their job shouldn’t have to pay the huge premiums from COBRA, or lose their coverage. 

Taxing a person’s income… more or less carving money out of their one of the most reprehensible taxes there is and must be done away with.

What do you want to accomplish in office?  

To be a voice for liberty-minded people. To help spread the word of liberty and small government. I would anticipate looking at most spending bills with caution, and an intent to vote ‘no’ on them. 

Of course, I realize that we have to work with the tools we’re given and the people around us. My philosophy is pragmatic…do what you can with what you have while working toward your goal to decrease or eliminate government spending and power.

How can we help?  Keep getting the word about Libertarian principles.

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