Paul Bilyeu

Paul Bilyeu

Libertarian for House District 135

Office: (832)779-2598

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How did you become libertarian?

I was not aware of Libertarianism or the Libertarian Party until 2013 when my wife Whitney started getting involved. For the most part, if I have to label my former self, I would say I was on the Independent/Moderate Republican spectrum. However, I was mostly politically inept, uninvolved, and apathetic. Once I was introduced to Libertarianism and started to listen, learn, read and educate myself, the light bulb just came on and I’ve been an all in Libertarian ever since 2014.

Why run for office?

To get elected and do some real work to reduce government.

To influence change in policy and attitudes toward government.

To get people used to other options on their ballots. People are so conditioned to only see two options on their ballots. The more frequently they see other options, the better off we all are.

What are the issues in the campaign?

There aren’t any real hot button issues in this House District other than the normal ones. Public education is a large issue for the Democrat as he is wildly supported by the pubic teacher’s groups.

Unfortunately, this district is a hotly contested one. This seat flipped from Red to Blue last term and the Republicans will likely spend like crazy money to win it back. Making a third party option a difficult one to win.

What do you want to accomplish in office?

Abolish Article 7 of the Texas State Constitution which calls for Public Education.

Abolish property taxes

Significantly reduce and/or eliminate the excessive occupational licensing requirements in Texas

Eliminate qualified immunity and civil asset forfeiture

How can we help?

Continue to talk to friends, peers, coworkers, and everyone. Ensure everyone is aware there are other, better options on their ballot. Be prepared with a solid argument against the wasted vote mentality you will get presented with at every turn. 

Donate to candidates. Especially the ones who are extremely active or are in high profile races (Kevin Hale, Elliott Scheirman, Matt Sterret, among a few others).

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