Mello D Gooden

Mello D Gooden

Lives in Bryan, Texas

JE: So, what do you think of the election, so far?

MG: I think that it is a total mess. All of the efforts to disenfranchise people in their efforts to vote and a bunch of misleading and outright lies for statements. 2 party-centered politics is garbage which is why we need other parties and for them to raise their profiles to let voters know they have a real choice out there.

JE: The Duopoly… do you think we would have to change the Constitution to get more parties involved? How can we get more parties involved?

MG: We have to get other parties to really dig deep into the grassroots to help become a household name. To do the things that the Working Families Party has done in some areas like Mississippi to get a mayor elected in Jackson and other places in the northeast. 

We have to get people to understand how other parties differ from the duopoly and what they can offer. If there were 3 to 4 3rd party candidates in the US Senate with the razor-thin margins there now, red and blue would have no choice but to come to them for help if they want to secure the votes. 

In exchange, the 3rd party could get some of their own legislative agendas looked after too.

JE: You are right, Mello Can I ask how you became libertarian?

MG: By accident. I was looking for something different and I liked what I was hearing and seeing. A friend of mine in Dallas was making a run for commissioner as an L and I felt what he was about

JE: When was that?

MG: It was a few years ago

JE: In your picture, you have on headphones

MG: Yes sir when I was at KEOS co-hosting a show as I work on my hours to have my own show.

JE: Do you have your own radio show?

MG: Not yet but I will soon

JE: What kind of show?

MG: I’m still undecided. I think it may end up being a show about local and statewide politics with a dab of federal-level politics.

JE: Sounds nice… going to produce podcasts too?

MG: Absolutely! That’s my first mission to get podcast ready.

JE: Unsolicited advice…. find a sponsor… make 3-6 ten minute segments… and distribute them to radio stations.

MG: Advice taken! Do you podcast?

JE: No… not yet… but it is on the list… Keep me informed about your progress.

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