Danyal Suhail

Danyal Suhail

Alternate Solutions Institute, Pakistan

How did you become a classical liberal?

I became a Classical Liberal when I was an Intern at Pakistan’s leading free-market think tank Policy Research Institute of Market Economy (PRIME), Islamabad. There I learned the exact meaning of classical liberalism. 

The more I studied and worked there the more I realized about the free-market economy and the hold of government. Later on, after completing my degree in Economics, I joined Alternate solutions Institute (AS Institute is Pakistan’s first Free Market think Tank) as a Training Coordinator, where I learned a lot about classical liberalism. 

I thank Mr. Ali Salman, Dr. Khalil, and Dr. Raza Ullah with whom I worked closely for developing an interest in me regarding classical liberalism.

 What is the vision for the “Alternate Solutions Institute”?

ASI’s vision is to promote a limited responsible government that protects liberty, life, and the property of the citizens of Pakistan under the rule of law.

What is the plan to attain that vision?

To achieve these ends, A. S. Institute

  • engages in the translation and publishing of relevant texts from other languages into Urdu;
  • prepares original texts based on research suggesting particular solutions to particular challenges;
  • and conducts seminars, workshops, and conferences to educate interested students, teachers, and journalists in the principles of classical liberalism.

 What challenges do you face?

The main challenge that I face is; most of the citizens lack awareness of classical liberalism’s ability to bring political and social change. The second challenge is finding research topics that take into account the concerns of the citizens. Citizens need to understand the research.  Barriers to research include socio-cultural barriers and limited available funds to do surveys. 

How can we help?

You can promote my work in classical liberalism by sharing my writing. 

The links follow:

1.  https://www.aidiaasia.org/research-article/entrepreneurship-and-economic-growth

2.  https://www.aidiaasia.org/research-article/importance-of-political-freedom-and-economic-freedom-is-there-any-correlation-between-political-freedom-and-economic-freedom


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  1. Danyal is currently working at “Concordia Colleges” as an Admin Officer. Along with that, He is running a part-time business named Danial Enterprises”. The aforementioned business is related to the printing and copying of books as well as selling of stationery items.
    Moreover, he has also completed Common Sense Economics for Life” course from Certell USA. (PFA)


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