Frank Lozano

Cameron County
Frank Lozano
Elected March 14, 2020

How did you become libertarian? 

Ron Paul. It was during the 2008 primaries and I was non-partisan at the time. Trying to decide between becoming a democrat or republican. I especially liked Kucinich in the dem debates and Paul in the GOP debates. Ultimately, I sided with Dr. Paul.

How did you become chair? 

When the prior Cameron Chair retired from his post I took up the mantle around 2017. Another former chair, Ben Neece helped out too, he had switched back to being a democrat, a self-described DINO.

What have you tried in the county? 

I’ve tried meetings, election night watch parties, and some canvassing still trying to figure out what works. 

What has worked, what hasn’t? 

Nothing has really worked well. There isn’t much civic engagement or really any type of meetup infrastructure down here.

What is your vision for the county?  

I hope to recruit more Libertarians, I have met with many libertarian-leaning folks and they just don’t see the point of the party. Some even think it’s counterproductive or hypocritical. I hope within the decade we can field at least one local candidate with a (LIB) next to their name.

What is your plan to attain that vision? 

Raise awareness at any local events where I can talk to people and pass along pamphlets or stickers. There may be someone willing to try. If not, start planning my own run, if nothing else than to raise awareness. 

What challenges do you face? 

Apathy mostly. Also, this is a very poor community and a less educated one. We have the typical rural problem of a few families dominating politics along with cronyism and nepotism. Libertarianism at its core stands on a philosophy that really requires a person to be a few steps up Maslow’s hierarchy to begin to examine. 

And interestingly, it’s less intuitive to understand than socialism or authoritarianism.    

How can we help? 

Sharing your knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Also, just maintaining a network is crucial especially in our modern era.

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