Patrick Bowersox

Patrick Bowersox

Secretary at Wake County Libertarian Party, Produce Department Manager at Lowes Foods and National Vice Chair at Outright Libertarians

Lives in Holly Springs, North Carolina

JE: Many libertarians there in NC?

PB: Yes quite a few. Raleigh Durham has roughly 6800 registered Libertarians.

JE: They have a monthly meeting there? What’s going on there?

PB: Only California has more.

JE: You guys are punching above your weight; how do you attribute your success?

PB: Wake county has weekly and Durham county has monthly. Definitely going after younger voters, and pushing local issues.

JE: how do you go after the younger voters?

PB: Stuff like equality, school choice,  and affordable housing.

JE: Equality before the law, like police and court reform?

PB: Yes and LGBTQ as well.

JE: How do you pitch affordable housing? Much success in the LGBTQ community?

PB: Allow for the removal of certain local restrictions.

JE: Housing is expensive there?

PB: Yes I’m very close with the directors of several groups

JE: What groups?

PB: Lgbt center, glaad, HRC. Housing can be in Raleigh. Most folks are out in the burbs particularly younger.

JE: How would I approach those types of Groups?

PB: Table at pride, go to open houses, build relationships with local groups. GOP and Democrat groups usually only go election years. 

JE: Hit them between election years?

PB: That’s what we do

JE: Good idea, I was the chair here in Brazos co, Texas, just looking for what works, and what doesn’t.

PB: And we go election years as well. You will find younger LGBTQ folks are not fans of the democrats overall.

JE: But feel forced into that tent?

PB: Not necessarily, They just want options And the libertarians offer that.

JE: You present an option to the Democrats?

PB: We have beaten them on equality since 1971

JE: So, they don’t want special consideration, and are comfortable with libertarianism?

PB: Put it this way. The govt has no business in anyone’s personal relationship

JE: You know, I agree with that! How did you become libertarian, Patrick?

PB: I grew up in Connecticut and got involved with Gary’s campaign in 2012 here. The GOP in NC is uber-conservative; the social agenda was not my style either.

JE: How did you get involved with Gary? Why so long in the GOP?

PB: Most Connecticut Republicans are very libertarian. And libertarians weren’t active in CT.

JE: So Gary’s 2012 was when libertarians came to CT?

PB: No I’ve been in NC since 2001. Grew up in CT; been in NC since 2001.

JE: So you knew about the party, but didn’t get involved until 2012?

PB: Wasnt really active always voted libertarian

JE: You always voted libertarian even while in the GOP?

PB: Yup at least federally, haven’t voted for a GOP or dem since 2000.

JE: Wow!

PB: But the Dem I voted for might as well have been a Libertarian.

JE: Who was that?

PB: Hmm, I’ll have to look it was a primary for a state rep. Many moons ago my friend

JE: So, what are your recommendations for a new Libertarian, or the curious?

PB: Well, be open to folks coming from the left or right. Some people come for the fiscal some come for social issues. And don’t litmus test folks.

If you are 85% libertarian but 15% democrat; You are a libertarian to me. I figure no matter what your problem we have a solution. less government, more freedom, self-government.

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