Prince Kyabaggu Hamidu

Prince Kyabaggu Hamidu

Buganda Kingdom, Uganda

Hi, My name is John Elkins, I work with a group of Self-Determination Advocates. We help de-facto nations, unrepresented peoples, and secession movements gain self-governance through nonviolent means. I am interested in learning about the Buganda movement.

PH: How can I help you, Sir?

JE: Wikipedia says that Buganda is a de-facto nation within Uganda… what is your vision for the future of Buganda?

PH: Yes it’s very true. Buganda is my origin and it’s my kingdom. It’s the major and most powerful kingdom in UGANDA and its highly demanding for Federal and I am sure it will get it. It will almost take over the whole of UGANDA if at all UGANDA gets a President that is a Muganda (from Baganda kingdom).

JE: What can I do to help you in your move to secession?

PH: Where are you from Mr. John Elkins.

JE: I live in North America. Can I ask about the Buganda attitude toward a free market?

PH: I would love to welcome you to Buganda

JE: Yes, I want to visit, and maybe live there.

PH: Yes for sure

JE: I want to know what your vision for Buganda is; what will you do once you become an independent country, and how will you go about attaining self-governance.

PH: To be with the best-performing economy based on agriculture and tourism as the backbone.

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