Daniel L Bishop

Daniel L Bishop

Principal Financial Planner at Black Swan Advisors LLC

Lives in McLeansboro, Illinois

JE: Many Libertarians in Mcleansboro, Illinois?

DB: Like 10.

JE: Is there a meeting where you guys get together?

DB: Not right now. maybe during this election.

JE: We have about 10 meet here in Brazos County, Texas. shh… it’s a secret!

DB: I won’t tell. 😉

JE: So, what are you guys up to?

DB: Almost nothing.

JE: What seems to be working there?

DB: Hard to tell. Education on a single topic, networking.

JE: Single topic?

DB: Like teaching on a single principle.

JE: An example?

DB: Nonaggression.

JE: So, you guys don’t get together, and one of you teaches about a topic like nonaggression?

DB: Teaching nonlibertarians, yes. But we have not gotten together for about 9 months.

JE: Ouch! because of COVID?

DB: Yeah.

JE: Where do you get non-libertarians?

DB: Making events that are fun for more people, like networking bowling.

JE: This is getting interesting…

DB: Doesn’t always work.

JE: So you invite people to an activity like bowling then, when there you talk about a specific topic?

DB: Mt Vernon put on a  charity for an animal shelter as a bowling competition.

JE: is that a mountain there?

DB: Same place as if you were selling something, but very short. No, just a city.

JE: So, the ten of you make yourselves available to charity events… and talk about libertarianism there?

DB: Well, you have to be the sponsor of the event, but basically.

JE: Is that expensive? how is the ROI?

DB: Like 1 to 2 k, hard to tell true ROI.  Trying to change minds.

JE: Reminds me of this one guy I talked to… he goes out with two buddies… and just talks libertarian… and people hear the conversation and get involved… I think like at a DairyQueen or something…

I think about doing that… So many questions to ask you… Your frame… what is that flag?

DB: Not a real flag, just a boogaloo joke. but I like the flower ring and fight for something.

JE: What is Black Swan Advisors LLC?

DB: My company.  We coordinate a client’s entire financial life; personal, family, business, and legacy.

JE: Wow, how do you do that?

DB: It is basically just life planning and project management.

JE: I keep hearing about project management…How can I learn it? Is there software to do it for me?

DB: Most people go to college for it, yes there are lots of dif platforms, and programs. But, it is not something a computer can do. It is not simple like trading, investments, or insurance.

JE: How did you become libertarian, Daniel?

DB: I am more of an objectivist, but wish to see 3 parties kept in check, rather than 2 in an authoritarian oligarchy. I suppose I became an independent in college after reading The fountainhead.

JE: I read the fountainhead also… How have you grown as an objectivist since college?

DB: Yes. without growing and integrating, I don’t even think one can be an objectivist. it is not static. I am slowly integrating more, and more.

JE: Integrating? Integrate what?

DB: The integration of different principles, concepts, ideas, empirical data, etc., into a coherent non-contradictory whole. Without integrating the ideas into your worldview, and living the ideas out in action, you cannot access their full value.

JE: Got you… so, this is a conscious process? !am curious just how you go about it…

DB: You have to start with Epistemology.


Basically, how do you know what you know? and are there any contradictions, biases, or logical fallacies that need to be corrected.

Here is a primer on objectivism and philosophy,


JE: Can you give me examples of your integration through the years?

DB: It is too complex for most examples I can think of without first getting your philosophical foundation firm. And that takes years. And I do much time, as I am at work. But… coming to the full realization that both the left and right can be authoritarian is an example many libertarians have of integrating an additional point of view.

But it can be hard to learn in your own blind spots. So often libertarians cognitively “learn” this, but it may take some time for the rest of their brain to fully accept the ramifications of this being true.

The cognitive dissonance is uncomfortable, and so it takes work to get through it, often many conflicts and conversations before they can go through the stage of grief and accept a new worldview.  

But it gets easier every time. You learn how to self correct your thinking.

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