Punam Giri

How did you become a classical liberal?
I was introduced to my director when I was in my college days. Moreover, after I finished my bachelor’s degree, I was free at that time, Basanta had just started Bikalpa at that time. So I started coming to Bikalpa and started reading books back in 2015.
That was the point where Basanta proposed to me to attend the Asia Liberty Forum, which was held in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2015. As I came back from the Liberty forum, Basanta offered me to write a grant proposal and can do research on city rickshaw (electric three-wheeler).
As time passed, I studied books and attended conferences which have led me here.

What is your vision for “Students for Ideas”?
I see students for Ideas as a platform to popularize the idea of liberty. Where students can gather and form a network within themselves. Along with that, I see this platform for students to develop their leadership capabilities and values of freedom.

What is your plan to attain that vision?
We conduct monthly seminars and capacity building training in collaboration with like-minded organizations. In this way, we have been able to increase the network of classical liberals in our region.

What challenges do you face?
Since it’s a movement rather than an organization, there is a dearth of funding and workforce after a certain period. Since all our members are volunteers, and as they embark on their professional life, it is hard to devout time to the organization.
How can we help?
We would want to get connected with other classical liberals and learn from their experience. 

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