Sarwagya Raj Pandey

Research and Advocacy Officer Bikalpa an Alternative

Mobile : +977 9841038652

How did you become a classical liberal?

I have been engaged in various civic campaigns since 2008. Love for freedom came naturally to me and I have always had tolerance for ideas, whether I agreed with them or not, and have always been concerned about an all-powerful state and central planning. 

I was drawn to the classical liberal ideologies through Samriddhi Foundation and Bikalpa an Alternative, eventually working for Bikalpa in Research and Advocacy. And have also been making videos as a classical liberal.

What is the vision for “Bikalpa an alternative”?

To evolve Bikalpa into a public policy think tank working at the grassroots level to develop a culture that favors individual and economic freedom in spheres of personal lives and policy issues.

What is your plan to attain that vision?

We have dubbed our strategy as ERA. Therefore we plan to attain our vision by starting a new ERA; by Educating the citizens on the classical liberal values, conducting Research on local and national issues, and by Advocating for the solutions from a classical liberal perspective.

We are currently running various events targetting youths in the country. Also, we translate our research into short videos and have been running a visual advocacy campaign. Our videos have a respectable outreach on Facebook. 

This is the strategy to achieve the vision. 

What challenges do you face?

Nepal has a very strong communist government at the helm with a 2/3 majority. The values we stand are in stark contrast to theirs. Also, the public discourse in the country is largely populist and statist, and people have been conditioned to believe that a big government and a closed economy is the panacea for all our national evils. 

There is little room for alternative ideologies like ours to flourish. But, it is this very glaring challenge that motivates us to work even more to advance the ideas of freedom.

How can we help?

Networking and sharing a passion for liberty.

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