Technology Application Unit

Syed Ali Ehsan

Technology Application Unit (TAU)

I grew up with many Classical Liberal values because of my father. My father was the owner of a Cinema House in Rawalpindi (Pakistan), a business that he inherited from his father. He mostly played American movies and maybe developed his liberal social ideas from Hollywood.

As a young man in the 70’s, he had supported Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s Islamic socialism and was humbled by the economic destruction which ensued. I used to read economic literature extensively even after high school, and socialism never made sense to me. 

In 2013, my son’s birth proved in catalyzing my journey into self-awareness and Anarcho-capitalism. And then I discovered Dr. David Friedman, who I am most influenced by. I also developed many ideas while studying the economy and legal system as a broadcast journalist. 

In 2014 I started an initiative on Facebook called the Free Association of Anarchists in Pakistan. This group is now called the Pakistan Libertarian Party, but it helped the Executive Director of Policy Research Institute of Market Economy to find me and offer me a job. 

After working there for about three years as the program director, helping this young organization quickly reach the top 100 think tanks in Asia/Pacific, I left in 2019 to start the Technology Application Unit (TAU) with the help of Linda Whetstone and the Atlas Network. 

TAU is positioned as the only Global Anarcho-Capitalist Research and Innovation Think Tank. We study how technology can be used to improve governance. We create public goods, and our objective is governance without government. 

We see the UN pushing a global agenda based on the values of international socialism, and in response, we are now raising the agenda of international free-market capitalism.

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