Mike Avi

Mike Avi

Recruiter at Students For Liberty


JE: I want to work with de-facto nations, unrepresented Peoples, and secession movements to get recognition and self-determination. Talked to the leader of International Alliance of Libertarian Parties, Geoff Neale.

MA: Most of the people I know who do that are in the Amazon or Serbia. Very cool! Are they an Atlas network partner?

JE: He said that students for liberty have people all over the world; not sure about Atlas network.

MA: Yep we’re in 110 countries.

JE: They sound great but wonder if they are too… Randian… for my taste,  your opinion?

MA: SFL? We’re a “big tent.” About 5-10% are objectivist, but we don’t focus on that stuff.

JE: No, Atlas Network; so, how would you advise me about working with these groups?

MA: Oh, not at all, you’re thinking of Atlas Society. Atlas Network is a conglomeration of 500+ libertarian think tanks and nonprofits operating in 130 countries. Research oriented.

JE: wow sounds good

MA: Read Brian Doherty’s book Radicals For Capitalism. It’s a history of the movement and details all the drama and relations between nearly every org from the 1800s to today. If you want to know the down low, that book is the primer. Beltway vs globalist vs misesian vs rothbardian… chicago vs austrian… objectivists vs anarchists vs western libertarian parties esp in North America

JE: I was thinking of that book today; They have it in the local library.

MA: It’s a must read. Dense but mind blowing

JE: Been wondering what book to read next, thank you. How are you doing?

MA: Great! Just finished a tour of the Carolinas starting up groups and gathering contacts. Hitting the Florida panhandle pretty soon. Life is good otherwise hbu

JE: Thinking of moving. Florida is number one… New Hampshire is two. FSM is in the shire. But you have been telling me about all the libs in Florida. Maybe the shire in summer and Florida in winter. Where would be a good pace to move in Florida? I read “It usually begins with Ayn Rand” back in the 70’s (?)

MA: I’d recommend Ft. Walton, St. Augustine, Fernandina Beach, Ft. Myers, and St. Petersburg. If you like big cities, Tampa. If you like expensive cities, South Beach. If you like the country, anywhere along the forgotten coast.

JE: Those are all places with libertarian communities?

MA: Those are my fav places in FL. Miami, Fernandina, and St. Petersburg are near large communities. The biggest communities are Tallahassee, Miami, and Orlando. Tallahassee is a college town though and Orlando is a commuter wasteland with imo the worst tourists. What kind of area are you looking for to settle? Young, older, hip, religious, educated, southern culture, cowboy culture, country, quiet, beach, farm, bustling, touristy, nightlife, etc?

JE: Not really sure was thinking of FSM to be near other libertarians… I guess I am more a city type but can live in the country too…


JE: Getting older and freedom is a big part of my identity. Free State Movement.

MA: Ah for NH

JE: Yes

MA: NH is smaller, maybe more impact there… Both carry weight for different reasons: NH for size, FL for swing state.

JE: True Florida is a swing state. I am more interested in community, voluntaryism, than trying to change politics. Just because… I am not very good at politics, changing people’s minds.

MA: In that case, big cities are more of a no-go in FL. The biggest community as a ratio of city size is hands down Tallahassee. They sorely lack organizers, and are averse to electoral politics, but have a ton of young manpower and a very intellectually oriented community of budding libertarian entrepreneurs. The community culture is fiercely independent and somewhat insular,  interacting only with other panhandle communities – namely folks in Pensacola.

JE:Tallahassee sounds like a plan and that is near the forgotten coast too.

MA: I’d recommend visiting first. It’s a strange town. Half of residents are 18-25 and another quarter are lawyers/politicians. It’s closest comparison might be Columbia, SC, but Tallahassee is more hipster and has fewer full-time residents, most of whom reside in Midtown or East Side.

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