Paul Eads

Paul Eads

JE: How are you, my friend?

PE: Thanks, I was a delegate in Orlando and started friending random libertarians.

JE: Thank you, what did you think of Orlando?

PE: Convention? It was fun, I got along with everyone I met and learned a lot. There is a lot of shenanigans and arguing on the floor but way better then the stories I heard from the RNC/DNC.

JE: How did you become libertarian, Paul?

PE: Hated Trump and Hillary so I voted for Gary. Found my self going down the rabbit hole and now I’m in the mises and Radical caucus.

JE: So, you have been involved in the party since 2016?

PE: No, joined as a dues-paying member about a year ago. Started showing up at the spring Maryland state convention in early March. Day or 2 after Duncan Lemp was killed.

JE: So, pretty happy with the party now?

PE: I have my issues but I ain’t leaving. I’m just here to keep a principled message coming from the party and I feel it’s on the right track. Help with activism to show that the state won’t do it for you.

JE: Can I ask what you would change?

PE: I would like to see more economic arguments going into fed and fractional reserve banking. I don’t deny systemic racism is a thing but instead of invoking emotion, explain like an action/reaction. 

Condemn the riots and destruction of private property but acknowledge that protests and riots are blow-back like 911 because of government intervention where it shouldn’t be. I think the Libertarian message should be a detailed explanation of how the government is screwing and take advantage of you.

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