Michael David Uno

Be the judge of your own reality

JE: What are your first impressions of the Self-Determination Advocates page?

MU: It looks great and informative on world events.

JE: Glad you like it. Are you libertarian Michael?

MU: I don’t hold any political preference. The system is rigged against the population.  All sides are just arms from one body. But I do believe in liberty and freedom for all.

JE: Yes, I agree… politics is a win/lose process at best. So, how do you find freedom in an unfree world?

MU: Ww3 is the government’s against the people. Only the mind is free.

JE: World War 3?

MU: It’s been going on. It’s a war on human consciousness.

JE: Yes, many of my prisons; I have made in my mind. Human consciousness?

MU: The world, universe, and physics that are taught to us are actually man-made. That means the reality we believe to be true is a man-made mirrored reality. A soul lure system. This takes the observer out of the center position in the reality and shoots them off into space out there somewhere.

JE: Ever read “the social construction of reality?” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Social_Construction_of_Reality

The Social Construction of Reality – Wikipedia


MU: No I haven’t but it sounds amazing

JE: Yes, we are moved from being the center of reality to… outside it observing it!…?

MU: The more we know about the universe the more we know about ourselves and our true origins. Science only observes 0.1% of it all and use that 0.1% to explain 99%. That’s like reading one page of the bible and making up a whole story.

JE: We know so little about reality.

MU: That’s on purpose.

JE: Rumpelstiltskin.

MU: Are you religious? We are all forms of imploded consciousness.

JE: Science dissects reality and kills it in the process.

MU: When they get down to the smallest atom they find it to be empty.

JE: I consider myself spiritual.

MU: Yes imploded. The big bang was an implosion of consciousness.

JE: Always looking for the stuff… but never finding it. Just form, no matter. hehe

MU: Because what people are looking for is looking out there eyes from within

JE: We need to look inside? Ever close your eyes… and watch the designs?

MU: I have had some crazy experiences

JE: Experiences?

MU: You have to look so far inside that your consciousness flips inside out. And you’re still the center point of it all at all times.

JE: Inside out?

MU: Yeah, once you make it in, it expands out. You have to go in to get out. Its the key to interdimensional travel.

JE: How do you go “in?”

MU: I was given a binary coded diamond out there.

JE: A diamond?

MU: It explains how consciousness becoming aware of itself caused what we call the big bang.

JE: That’s how the big bang happened?

MU: The big bang in religious terms is the word that manifested light.

JE: Light manifested? In an infinite space, any point can be the center, every point?

MU: Everypoint is the center in their own individual time-space. This is an equation breakdown of the binary coded single diamond. 

 It represents and the individual universe and individual observer.  A universe and observe are = Starting at the bottom (1)=you (.) = big bang/word/ first sound

1. The dimensions go up infinitely… 

2. But you can never get to the top.  

3. If one was to get to the final dimension you would then have another dimension above you 

4. Or there would be another singularity back to the beginning and possibly multiply.

5. The Highest is the limit.

6. But there is no limit to The Highest!

7. Time is the breath(aether) needed to interact with the frequencies stored within the singularity point.

8. That is called the WORD or big bang event.

9. When sound is made in that higher dimension it is light to the dimension under it.

10. Just like our voice is light to an ever lower consciousness dimension.

11. At the point of the highest consciousness dimension…it sounds a reaction of being aware. From there it is -1 d then light then -1 d sound! 0-1-0-1-0-1-0-1-0 like binary code

                         -1 d= dimension -1

                                Sound = 0 

                                   Light = 1

12.  Now take that first 0 and now it is under you in all directions. 

13. Each dimension goes down and out and width is squared by distant… 

14. Then at max spectrum balance see it shrinks back down like a diamond shape

       The Highest =¥(.)——<

                                        0.        ^

                                      010.       ^

                                    01010.     ^

               Average = 0101010.  —–=

                                    01010.     ^            

                          Us=     010.       ^

                                        0          ^                           


15. Light & darkness as one again at singularity back with original consciousness through the WORD of the highest = (.) 

16. It all expands from 1 single dot… 

17. The dot has infinity within it because there is no limit or boundaries.

18. Once at a high level say 75 to 99% of the understanding you would then be able to see how the next dimension acts…

19. I was like a hummingbird moving in any direction and had a zooming motion… 

20. Unaware of the body but you can see and move around and think and ponder things

21. I’m thinking when that new dimension becomes more and more natural you will soon then split at that dimension… 

22. Placing you with a new manifested reality(new earth) or new dimension going up from the previous dimension.

23. Absolute   (.) Highest 




                    0101010— balance 


                        010.   Us


                         (.) Lowest

24. This represents all dimensions, multi-verses 

Quantum entanglement, how energy stays Infiniti, and is always recycling back to its stating point.  

25. Its also known as the tree of life… 

26. A diamond that holds all colors of the light spectrum echoing going from 1 form to another, 

27. (sound light, etc × infinity)

28.  Each form is another dimension…

29. The 0 just represents sound without friction.

30. 1 is sound going into and atmosphere.  Or fluid type substance I believe is aether… 

31. There is no way shape and form nothingness before something

32. The 0 is actually just a firmament separation. Just a veil.

33. Like a thin line or sheet of paper separating 1 from 1.

Like a book closed… its all 1 but you don’t see the zeros that make up the pages.

34. The 1 is sound echoing off of an echo.

35. 0 is sound in frequency form moving faster than light without friction.

36. 0 is never anything! It is just unseen

38. Unawareness will always be 0 or empty space

39. It is all connected on a subatomic level that humanity is just unaware of

40. The formation of matter depends on awareness or not… solid or wave

Yes, you can share it if you like to. This stuff is deep many won’t understand but there are few that do. And some even get awoken from it.


  1. galaxyhugger says:

    Good Stuff! I love thinking of the Big Bang as an implosion of Consciousness. (I think I found a typo btw… “vale” should be “veil”)


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