Carlos Manuel Cumba Vemba

Carlos Manuel Cumba Vemba is Co-founder and President of MIC (Cabinda Independence Movement). He studied at the National Mining University in Ukraine.

CV: MIC and the people of Cabinda want independentist referendo to resolve our political problem because this is an international situation and the UN can’t ignore that. About it, we want realization Referendo in 2022. 

We want international help mainly from the USA for our independence because the USA is in Cabinda since 1968 about Oil, here live people our land has people not only natural reaches.

JE: The Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda (Portuguese: Frente para a Libertação do Enclave de Cabinda, FLEC) is a guerrilla and political movement fighting for the independence of the Angolan province of Cabinda. 

Formerly under Portuguese administration, with the independence of Angola from Portugal in 1975, the territory became an exclave province of the newly independent Angola. The FLEC fights the Cabinda War in the region occupied by the former kingdoms of Kikongo, Loango, and N’Goyo. 

How does your organization differ from FLEC? What is your commitment to non-violence?

CV: There’s some difference. Both organizations fight for the independence of Cabinda. The difference is: FLEC is guerrilla warfare and MIC is a 100% pacific movement we haven’t guerrilla, only make pacific march sometime during these 2 years since the foundation MIC.

While FLEC is a guerrilla and political organization. MIC is a pacific political organization that is more diplomatic. Many people don’t know the history bout this territory. I think we need a referendum to find a better political solution for the People of Cabinda.

JE: You mentioned a referendum how do you see that working? Is Angola known for free and impartial elections?

CV: Not, Angola doesn’t have free and impartial elections. But ONU can make Angola known it.

JE: So, a referendum would need UN observers, etc?

CV: Yes of course, Because this is the responsibility of the UN.

JE: What is your opinion about attempting more local measures?

CV: My opinion about Cabinda; first, this problem is international because are two different African that have different trajectory history colonial but the same right. UN can’t forget. It’s a reason we call the international community for measures this conflict, the referendum can be a realization in Cabinda.

JE: How is that reasoning working?

CV: The reason this works to win international help. Political and diplomatic.

JE: Do you have connections with people outside of Angola?

CV: Yes I have connections with some people who live outside of Angola but they aren’t political. The UN has been silent on this issue. We have our page on Facebook named MIC-Movimento Independentista de Cabinda.

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