WORQ Secures Funding for Expansion

FLEXIBLE working space provider, WORQ, has secured investments worth $2.4 million from seven follow-on investors to expand its footage and provide cost-efficient workspace solutions for businesses after the Covid-19 pandemic.

“WORQ sells office usage to companies one desk at a time, eliminating the need to rent and fit out an office,” said WORQ’s CEO Stephanie Ping in a press conference.

The firm has also expanded its services to include WORQ Enterprise, a space-on-demand division that is dedicated to consulting and customising workspaces for companies.

These solutions have helped companies to save up to 30% in costs every month. It will also launch its proprietary community app, SPARQ, to create an online-offline experience for its users.

“This spawns local communities everywhere, thereby canvassing the globe with productive hyper-localized communities all over the world. Ultimately, WORQ’s vision is to help people prosper by working together,” added Ping.

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