Reese Wood for Wisconsin Assembly

Reese Wood is a lifelong Wisconsin native, born in Monroe WI. He currently resides in Janesville Wisconsin with a family of 7. In 2015 as an independent effort to address senseless violence, Reese started the “Beloit Podcast” to increase communication within the Beloit community. 

In mid-2015 Reese began volunteering at Janesville Community Radio as a broadcast journalist, covering the 2016 election and interviewing state, local, and federal candidates. Reese is an active member of the Libertarian Party of Rock County, the Libertarian Party of WI, and is currently in his second campaign for state assembly.

Campaign website:


How did you become libertarian?

During President Obama’s second term, leading up to the 2016 election I officially became a member of the newly formed Rock County Libertarian party, also joining the Wisconsin Libertarian Party and the Libertarian National party. 

I started paying serious attention to third-party and independent candidates after I realized some of the hypocrisies from president Obama whom I supported in both of his elections. Ron Paul was on my radar since 2008, but like most voters, I was convinced he was a long-shot.

What kind of libertarian are you?

I consider myself a civil libertarian. I believe the best role of government is a minimal role in the lives of individuals. I believe we should seek to reduce authoritarian policies. While libertarians are often viewed as the party that seeks to abolish everything possible, I believe foremost we seek to have a government that is effective, transparent while protecting the rights of individuals.

Why run for office?

From 2012-2016 I witnessed a significant number of third-party and independent candidates working to get on the ballot in Wisconsin. I was compelled to contribute to this trend and by 2017 I announced my first campaign for Wisconsin’s 45th assembly seat against a Democrat who had previously gone unchallenged. 

I’m now in my second campaign for Wisconsin state assembly district 44 as it became an open seat election in the midst of the COVID pandemic. Shortly after I was approved for ballot access I became the only candidate in Wisconsin to have nomination signatures challenged by both republican and democratic assembly campaign committees. 

Ultimately I was left with just enough signatures for ballot access and have since continued as a write-in.

What are the issues in the campaign?

I’m running to be the first libertarian representative in the Wisconsin legislature. Top issues are transparency and accountability, election reform, criminal justice reform, and the economy. 

I’m proposing to be the first representative in Wisconsin who will publicly disclose my salary, staff salary, and office expenditures, via my representative website. Monthly town hall meetings will be scheduled immediately and I will emphasize an open door policy. 

I would also like to address ballot access reform to see more candidates in our elections. Issues such as cannabis reform have been repeatedly addressed favorably by referendum, yet voters have seen little action from our state representatives. 

For that reason, cannabis is also on the list of priorities.

What do you want to accomplish in office?

I’m working to have a positive impact on the negative traditions that continue within our two traditional parties. I firmly believe it will take the effort of third-party and independent candidates to change the culture within the Wisconsin legislature. 

By proposing a platform of accountability and transparency I am hoping to make the legislature genuinely effective.

How can we help?

Spread the word if you can! Like the page on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or visit

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