Aaron Hinesley

JE: How did you become libertarian, Aaron?

AH: I was originally raised Republican. I discovered the party from a good military friend of mine. One day I had a realization that the two-party system lacked true solutions to the diverse views of Americans.

JE: How did your friend help you discover the party?

AH: A conversation over lunch actually. haha

JE: What did he say that interested you?

AH: The hypocrisy of the two-party system. Introduced to me the philosophy of individualism over social dictation. Also, that laws should be in place to only protect others, not to punish what is normal behavior to others. 

He also described how a lot of our problems stem from laws we believe are helping society. He also showed me how the private free market can outdo any government program with less cost and higher innovation.

Space X was a big example that helped convince me of that

JE: How long ago was that?

AH: It was back in 2016.

JE: What kind of libertarian do you identify as?

AH: A Bleeding Heart Libertarian.

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