Face of Liberty International

Leonard Adeyinka OGUNWEIDE  

Face of Liberty International (FLI)


I have always had a flair for equal justice, individual human rights, limited government, and freedom of speech from when I was a kid. Coming across the liberty movement in 2013 through African Liberty Students Organisation in my school looks like a platform to actually bring my inner voice out.

I swung in and became active In the movement. I volunteered with Students For Liberty from 2014 – 2020. Graduated from Atlas Network in 2019. Currently, I run my own libertarian Think-tank in Africa called Face of Liberty International (FLI) (www.faceoflibertyafrica.org)

My vision for FLI is to live up her name and become the notable face of liberty in Africa by putting the song of freedom on the lips of all Africans. Plans: At FLI, we are focusing on four ways to actualize our dream objective:

1) FLI Media Channel

FLI Media channel on Youtube called The Liberty Show with Leon is used to dish out information about Free Market, Entrepreneurship, Book Reviews, and recommendation to our listeners and subscribers.

2) FLI Outreach events can take on any type of format that best suits the location and situation. Popular events hosted by FLI include policy-based discussions, practical educational skills, self-defense classes, hosting a Speaker/Professor/Local leader, discussions on local issues, and movie screenings. 

Social elements to these events allow attendees to connect, build relationships, and promote the ideas of liberty.

3) FLI Leadership Training

Active leaders with FLI are invited to participate in our annual FLI Leadership Retreat. Previous training topics include Writing op-eds, on-camera media training, personal branding, reaching out to your school board/church/political party about liberty, public speaking, and more.

FLI provides skills-based training to help leaders reach their personal and professional goals and become strong communicators of libertarian ideas. Training is offered virtually around the world.

FLI is always looking for educators and opportunities to provide training to liberty-minded individuals. Please contact info@faceoflibertyafrica.org if you would like to volunteer as an instructor or provide a space for us to hold a training in your area.

4) FLI Speakers Bureau

FLI provides an invaluable tool to event producers and organizers by offering a searchable database of over 70 leaders available to speak throughout the world on a variety of issues. 

FLI promotes the work of Speakers Bureau members through regular updates and social media. To be included in our FLIs Speakers Bureau, please send an email with your information and examples of your work to info@faceoflibertyafrica.org.

What Challenges do you face?

First, as it is common for any start-up think-tank or any organization especially in the continent of Africa, the starting fund to run most of our laid-down activities is not available.

Second, we have limited volunteers to work with.

How can we help?

We need donors, angel investors, patrons, and sponsors/partners for what we are doing and intend to do at FLI to drive societal change. We want more volunteers from around the continent of Africa and beyond to share in the vision of FLI.

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