Marty McAncapistan

Marty McAncapistan


MM: Shoot some guns for me…

JE: In OZ you have to belong to a gun club or some such?

MM: Country cousins have guns… Depending on the gun, depends on keeping your gun time up. Hence gun clubs.

JE: You have cousins with guns?

MM: Yeh… I’m from the country; Live in the city, Brisbane.

JE: Do they monitor how much time you spend on the range?

MM: For handguns, yes… need to do min hours to keep them…

JE: You classical liberal or anarchist?

MM: Need to keep in safes etc. Anarchist; I don’t need a master.

JE: How did you become anarchist?

MM: I trade the share market. Learned about fed reserve truth. Here I am; I woke myself up.

JE: You are a trader?

MM: Yup, Up 45% this yr. Index funds. New system out soon…

JE: Good job… I do that Harry Browne Permanent portfolio. You have a “new system?”

MM: Watch this: Superannuation Re-balancing Strategy Testing complete…

JE: It’s weird Human Freedom Index says Oz is freer than the USA, but we have the second amendment here. Comment?

MM: BS. The US is freer.

JE: Do you know much about the Swiss central bank? Why is it the freest countries have central banks? The only ones without a central bank are Iran, North Korea… etc? Swiss do it better than the US!

MM: It?

JE: Central Banking. Most everything; even cookoo clocks.

MM: Depends on what you want…

JE: So, you are a day trader?

MM: Nah, Index funds. Maybe 1 trade every 6 months. Average 3-4 a yr.

JE: Got you, you said that…

MM: Elephant trader

JE: I trade once a month; when I get my pension.

MM: In what??

JE: ETF; Harry Browne’s permanent portfolio.

MM: Cool, what’s your day job?

JE: Retired… you?

MM: I mean… what’s your background? I was Mech Eng.

JE: Kinda Agorist…

MM: Then financial planner. Yup, trees.

JE: Bunch of measly ass minimum wage jobs…

MM: Now, full-time strategic inv consultant.

JE: Worked 6 months/year so I didn’t have to pay income tax

MM: Ok… So, you do tech or fundamental analysis??

JE: Did some freelance writing for business journals, Some concert promoting during the ‘80s, tried my hand at a lot of things… sometimes I would go back for a second day! LOL! Supported myself; Stayed out of jail. 

Not sure I should be proud of that. What’s your system? So you are a ME? That must be fascinating.

MM: Was… Not since 2012.

JE: Got tired of it?

MM: No work; All in China.

JE: I see, so you read about the central banks and that changed you?

MM: Yup, Zeitgeist video Then 9-11 was next. Rabbit hole; Entered.

JE: How have you grown since then?

MM: Lots.

JE: Was it a specific video?

MM: That was in 2007. Youtube zeitgeist “Federal Reserve.” Prob gone now.

JE: So any advice for a new anarchist or the curious?

MM: Everything you know is a lie; All a game. You’re a patsy.

JE: Start there?

MM: Or get in on it. I hope they keep printing money… Ends up in my funds… My system works on any investment, Bitcoin, funds, shares, etc

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